Showtime Is Bringing Back "The L Word"

July 12, 2017 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

More The L Word Nudity Is On the Way!

Not that any of us need to add anything else to our ever-growing list of must-see television, but it would appear that Showtime is bringing back one of their best shows, The L Word. Just when you thought television couldn't get any better, they go and make it hotter. And hey, maybe this time Jennifer Beals won't use a body double!

Besides being super hot, The L Word was actually one of the first shows on a major network to focus on lesbians; which, when you think about all the shows on now, it's kind of hard to believe. While there is no official word on what the show will focus on, according to Variety Beals, Katherine Moennig and Leisha Hailey are on board to produce and star in the show. There is also talk about some of the others from the original cast will show up. Personally , 'm crossing my fingers that Mia Kirshner and Sarah Shahi will be on the show again.

Showtime is currently in the process of bringing on a new writer, executive producer and showrunner who specifically has ties to the lesbian community to bring a fresh perspective to the show by documenting how relationships and experiences have evolved today, and what has changed and hasn’t changed since the show first aired.

We are going to keep an eye on any progress with this new reboot or sequel to The L Word. Hopefully by the time it comes out, we'll all be caught on with our other shows.

via Variety

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