Fleshbot's Sex Toy Roundup!

July 11, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Add Some New Sex Toys To Your Life!

Hello! Hope you all had a safe and happy Independence Day and that you have been staying cool during these recently very hot summer days. Here are some super sex toys that have crossed my desk recently that I recommend picking up to enrich your partnered/solo play. Turn up your air conditioner and get sweaty with these fun sexual enhancers.

If you are in need of a new stroker or if you want to spice up your masturbation life, do consider this. It is the Bonnie Rotten Fuck My Pussy Stroker from Bonnie Rotten Toys and you can make it your very own for $34. It is made of 100% very body friendly TPR and if just pick up some water-based lube to use with it, your penis is guaranteed a fabulous time.

The Womanizer people now have this fun new portable Womanizer 2 Go out for $211 in your choice of black, mint or white. Here is a great video showing a bit about how this toy is different from your standard clit vibe, if you have not tried or experienced a Womanizer before.

I already am a happy owner and very regular user of the Womanizer W500 Deluxe and both of these operate with the same sensation in place. To me, the sensation that the Womanizers give is like getting the best head ever. It feels like it would if my partner capable of intuitively giving me just exactly the kind of mild but effective clit sucking that can get me going on chain orgasms for hours. My Womanizer can keep me going on chain orgasms for hours when I am alone and while I am a woman already pretty prone to multiple orgasms, the Womanizer really is just a marvel. Holy fuck, it is good.

I was curious how this new shape would affect the Womanizer's ability to get the job done and it did a great job, just like the W500 does. While I think I prefer the shape of the W500, the 2 Go is very easy to place a cover and a pack away in a purse or makeup bag. While it is shaped like a lipstick, the 2 Go is more the size of a standard perfume bottle. It recharges easily via an included USB cord and the 2 Go is waterproof, unlike the W500 so if you like a morning shower buzz, definitely pick up the 2 Go. You should only use water-based lubes with the Womanizers and they advise using a sex toy cleaner and hot water to clean your Womanizers after every use. It also comes with an alternate clit head attachment so you can figure out whether the larger or smaller size works best for your body.

NS Novelties just regularly makes the best value and the best-made products pretty consistently and when this new kit from them showed up, I was instantly really enthused to share it with you all. This is the Renegade Men's Pleasure Kit #1 and it can be yours for $29. It is loaded with fun. It is all made of medical-grade black silicone or black TPR which all cleans up like a dream with soap and warm water. You should definitely use water-based lube with all of what is here. The first item in the kit is a Renegade Triad Cockring which is made of stretchy silicone and is ready to make your cock or the cock you have access to just look sexy as fuck. The second item in the kit is the Renegade Handy Stroker and I love this thing. It is made of TPR and is closed-ended so you can just use a whole bunch of water-based lube and get to stroking the cock you want to please. I love lacing my fingers in those holes and using it instead of my mouth to give my man some variety/give my jaw a break. Fun times and he likes the sensation of it. The last item is a black silicone Spade butt plug. It has a lovely curved T-shaped base which makes it just perfect and safe for the ass of pretty much anyone you are involved with. The Spade is four inches long and this kit is just a perfect way to enhance or add to your sex toy arsenal. 

The image of Rotten above is from the excellent Digital Sin compilation "The Gangbangs".

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