Liya Sitdikova Is Dangerously Sexy

July 3, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

We'd Face Our Fears for a Topless Liya Stidikova

I'm not sure if it's the black and white photography, the gun tattoo, or that look on the topless Liya Sitdikova, but there is a sense of danger going on in these pictures. Even though my heart is pounding, there is no way I'm going to looking away. If Liya Sitdikova is topless, then I think we'd all face our fears to see it.

Maybe it's because I'm a fan of film noir, but there is just something about a beautiful woman like Liya Sitdikova in black and white that makes me slightly cautious. Throw in the fact that Liya Sitdikova has some of the finest breasts any of us have seen, and it kind of spells trouble. Of course, it's trouble that all of us would gladly get into and deal with the consequences later. I bet in color photos Liya Sitdikova just looks super hot and totally approachable, but in these photos, that element of danger is making her just a touch sexier, if that is even possible.

I think we need to see more Liya Sitdikova, be it topless or not (though topless will always be my first choice), just to make sure it was just this shoot. Granted, even if it turns out that Liya Sitdikova is always a bit of a femme fatale, I think we can find a way to live with it.

photos by Sergey Korolkov

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