Remember to Breathe When Looking at Vida Guerra in Bed

June 15, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Inhale, Look at Vida Guerra's Ass, Exhale

Breathing is just one of those things that we never really think about until we aren't doing it. It can be really scary to realize that you are lacking oxygen. Though, I will say, the fear is totally worth it when you forget to take a breath because you are staring at Vida Guerra in nothing but a thong in a bed.

Yep, totally had to remind myself to inhale again. I'm not sure what is about a mostly naked Vida Guerra and a bed that is so magical. Could it be the use of black and white photography? Could it be the angle of the light? Could it be Vida Guerra's awesome side boob? I just don't know. Though, I'm sure Vida Guerra's awesome ass has something to do it. And I would like to point out how amazing Vida Guerra's tan lines look in black and white. I'm not saying that wouldn't look amazing in color, but there something about the black and white that just takes the sexiness up a couple levels. Did I also mention Vida Guerra's fantastic rear end? Oh crap, I need to breathe.

Whew, that was a close one. The world started getting kind of blurry and I wasn't able to see Vida Guerra's ass that well anymore. So, remember, it's important to see Vida Guerra half nude in bed, but don't forget you need oxygen to live. Take a breath, look at Vida Guerra's ass, take a breath, look at Vida Guerra's cleavage, etc.

photos by Martin Depict

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