Indie Porn Review: Multiple Orgasms Aren't a Myth

June 16, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by colette-callaway

If you've ever wanted to be a fly on the wall listening to women talk about how they masturbate, how quickly they orgasm, and what gives them multiple orgasms, this is your chance.

Erika Lust - are you surprised? - took a different approach than she normally does with "Multiorgasmic Brunch," a direct answer to an XConfessions user who wanted to know A) if multiple orgasms is a real thing and B) how he could give them to women. Instead of delving straight into porn territory, she has four women (performers Rina Ellis and Luna Corazon along with the women from Come Curious, Florence and Reed) sit around Brunch Table of My Dreams, littered with delicious pastries and even more delicious sex toys, to discuss all of the above. 

The ladies talk about their early masturbating stories, the frequency with which they do themselves now, how quickly they each orgasm (Rina and Luna coming after just one or two minutes - I, for one, am not able to do that whatsoever), and what counts as multiple orgasms (to them, at least). They play around with some of the toys on the table - like the Womanizer and the Doxy - while eating brunch and sharing ideas about pleasure, all of which constitute some of my favorite things. Sounds amazing, right? 

It gets even better. After brunch, Rina and Luna get down to business, showing exactly how this whole multi-orgasmic thing comes about. I'll let you watch the scene for yourself (the code BRUNCH should get you the download for free), but here's the recipe for having (or giving) two or three or ten orgasms: 

1. Slow build up of foreplay, starting with ample kissing.

2. Lots and lots of oral for everyone! (Rina and Luna both touch themselves while they give one another pleasure, which is particularly great tip for guys who have to stay hard throughout all this.) 

3. A sense of unhurriedness. You hear it all the time, but goal-oriented sex can totally crush female orgasm potential. The more you languish in giving each other a good time without worrying about the final pop, the more stimulation she'll get and the more fun it'll be for everyone. 

4. Mutual masturbation - it's very underrated. 

5. TOYS. Toys can be such a boon for men and women, and they each can provide a different kind of orgasm while making everything a little more sensitive. As Reid Mihalko says, consider them tools you have in your toolbox. 

6. Most importantly: Patience, both with yourself and your partner. Warming up for women can take 20+ min, but when she's there, you'll be so grateful you waited.

Oh, and here's some cool behind-the-scenes footage from the Come Curious channel: 

This scene was so awesome! 

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