The Return of the Fleshbot Podcast - With Guest Reid Mihalko and New Cohost Jillie Reil!

April 14, 2017 | Posted in Podcast by colette-callaway

The biweekly Fleshbot Podcast is BACK, and this time there are two hosts: Colette and comedian Jillie Reil, who works and travels for Wicked and is an all around hilarious badass. We are so excited to return with our first guest of season 2: Reid Mihalko! If you're not familiar, Reid is an amazing sex educator/guru who talked to us about a very important topic: Group sex.

In this episode:

  • Reid's story and how he became the Tom Hanks of Sex Education
  • What it means to "date your species"
  • Being a feminist dude who loves having sex with multiple partners
  • Sex Geek Summer Camp (and Sex Geek Island)
  • Cuddle Party
  • Emotional courage
  • Navigating group sex with a partner

Links from the episode:

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