Checking in with Jules Jordan Video Director/Performer Manuel Ferrara

May 5, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Manuel Is Now Officially With Jules Jordan Video!

The one and only FIVE-time AVN Male Performer of the Year Manuel Ferrara is now officially directing all of his projects through Jules Jordan Video with the company also managing his website. He was with Evil Angel for over a decade and his tradition of directing and starring in super all-sexers continues with the release of "Anal Nymphos Anal Legends." 

Congrats on your new deal with Jules Jordan Video! What have you enjoyed most about working for/with the company to date? How is working with/for Jules Jordan?
"I enjoy being with a company that is better fitted to the sort of movies that I like making. I appreciate that Jules is passionate about his product, and the switch has given me a new energy in the product I’m making as well."

What are you proudest of creating during your very long time directing for Evil Angel?
"Well, I was proudest when I was making the type of movies I wanted to make. That’s the great upside of owning your titles. 'Raw', for example, was always one of my favorite lines, and continues to be.

Your AVN Award win for Best Anal Scene with Megan Rain in Tushy's "Anal Models" was very well-deserved. What do you most remember about that day and working with Rain and Greg Lansky?
"Megan Rain is always such a pleasure to work with—not only is she beautiful, but she’s one of those performers who genuinely enjoys the work. Add on to that the artistic eye of Greg Lansky and you get the formula for a perfect day. I remember wishing all of my days could go like that."

You have long been known as one of porn's top performers. What do you think a lot of guys get wrong about doing porn scenes?
"A lot of male performers try to copy the way some of the more established male performers do scenes. I think that’s the wrong move. You have to go with what drives you personally, and not mimic the things that drive someone else. Success is never about being the best knockoff. It’s about being the one that everyone else is trying to knock off."

What has being one of the top male porn performers of all time taught you about women?
"Hahahaha—that no amount of experience will properly answer that question."

What do you think people will enjoy most about your first Jules Jordan Video release "Anal Nymphos Anal Legends"?
"Well, I made a movie that spelled out ANAL in the acronym because it’s an absolute glorification of anal sex. I think I’ve made a good name for myself as a performer who brings out strong anal scenes with the women I work with, and I took that energy and paired it with the best anal performers in the industry right now. The movie has Angela White, Ella Nova, Alyssa Cole, and—most uniquely—Jada Stevens. Jada is renowned for her ass and her anal scenes, and until this movie I’d never worked with her. So I’ll be releasing the one and only scene that features us in a pairing. I’m excited about that. The girls are hot, the sex is hot, and the presentation is hot."

The Jules Jordan Video movies you have directed so far have a real vignette, storytelling vibe to them. Is this where your work is headed there? What is the fate of your Evil POV series "Raw" and "Dirty Talk"?
“'Raw' and 'Dirty Talk' are both successful lines for me and I’m going to continue to make them with Jules Jordan. One of the things I’m bringing back in 'Raw' is the way I used to do the scene intros, where I give the girls the camera the day before and have them film themselves doing something else in the world before we meet. One time Asa Akira took the camera into the bathroom on an airplane and got herself off, another time Samantha Ryan took the camera with her when she did indoor skydiving. There was so much good and interesting content that I used to get back then, and it feels good to bring it back. But to answer your question—yes, I’ll be bringing a variety of lines to Jules Jordan, and some of them will be more in the vignette direction, while others will be more focused on that classic strong gonzo I built my name on."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?
"Thank you guys. There is no content without fans who want to see it. You guys keep us going."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Jules Jordan Video. Click right here to go watch "Anal Nymphos Anal Legends" right now!

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