Do These Real People Having Sex Make You Want to Buy Clothes?

March 31, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by jack-blackbush

Real People Having Real Sex to Sell Real Clothes

Sex sells. Literally. We've heard that saying for so long now that it doesn't even really phase us. While it's totally true that sex does sell, I don't know if the person who first came up with this idea ever meant for it to be taken literally. But the clothing company Eckhaus Latta decided to take that old metaphor and turn it on its head (pun intended). To show off their 2017 collection, they decided to use real couples having real sex in their ads.

Now, I have to ask, are the clothes these people are not wearing part of the new line? I mean, they have to be, right? The marketing people at Eckhaus Latta would just have real couples show up in their own clothes and start having sex, right? I think that's the only confusing part. Look, I totally get it, you want to show that the clothes you make are for real people and real people have sex. That makes total sense to me, but those green pants with the different color shapes are available to buy? What about that reddish, brownish sweater?

S, I don't know if you are in the market for some new threads, but you might want to wander over to Eckhaus Latta's website and check out their new stuff. Or you could just go over and see real people having some real sexy.

Via Fader

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