A Chat With Vivid Girl Savanna Samson, The First Inductee into the Vivid Entertainment Hall of Fame

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Meet Vivid Legend Savanna Samson In NYC on Tuesday!

Vivid has created the Vivid Entertainment Hall of Fame and will be inducting its very first member, Vivid Girl Savanna Samson, on Tuesday at Vivid Cabaret in New York City at 7 p.m. Samson is already an AVN Hall of Fame member who enjoyed a high visibility porn career during her active performing years. She won a ton of AVN Awards for her work in Vivid's "Looking In", "Jenna Jameson Is The Masseuse", "Dual Identity", "Debbie Does Dallas...Again" and as she is shown throughout this interview, "The New Devil In Miss Jones".

Samson gives her all to her wines and her wine company these days, and she will be sharing her latest, Sogno Vero ("True Dream" in Italian), the first wine from her vineyard that she owns in Tuscany, at her induction. 

Congrats on being inducted into the Vivid Entertainment Hall of Fame! How does it feel to be the very first inductee into it?

"It’s amazing! I actually cried when I heard. It was almost as if my whole life was validated. I was feeling like that part of me that I relished and worked so hard for was slipping away and suddenly I felt alive again. I had also wanted to find closure on my Savanna Wine venture by making a final Savanna Samson Wine label with the grapes from my very own vineyard and then I was handed this perfect venue to introduce it with. When I bought the vineyard in 2011, it was to find a home for my Sogno line, a Sogno Vero (true dream) but I bought an existing brand called La Fiorita (flower in bloom) and needed to stay true to it. I said I would make a Sogno Vero when the 2011 vintage is ready to release. Here it is! I am so proud to be chosen the first Vivid Girl inducted into the Vivid Hall of Fame and to be able to share my wine at the same time is a dream come true."

What did you love most about being a Vivid Girl?

"Gosh, where to begin? It was a whirlwind of excitement and glamor! Why, the second I signed my contract I was whisked off to Nice, France to Elton John’s home to do a photo shoot for the Hollywood Profiler in Vanity Fair magazine shot by David LaChapelle!! That sentence alone took my breath away, it was so loaded! You would think it was all downhill from there, but it wasn’t. I loved it. I loved getting my scripts, oh yes, scripts, as we made real movies shot on 35mm film in incredible locations... the sex was just a plus! I lived a very dual life. I made six movies a year and when I wasn’t in California shooting I was in New York raising my son, going to the theater, and wining and dining at New York’s finest, and I loved meeting the fans at conventions like AVN… yes, the fans, I love hearing from them on social media and even if I don’t respond, I still smile with delight."

What do you remember most about the making of "The New Devil in Miss Jones"?

"Did you see that movie? I was crazy! Aside from all the sex scenes and the wildly exciting things that went down 'in hell' like the surprisingly erotic piercings (watching the blood drip down! I cried for about a half hour afterwards, not because it was awful but because it was so overwhelmingly hot), it was an incredible experience and lesson in acting, which I thank Paul Thomas for and treasure to this day in my acting. I had an 'idea' of the scenes and PT just knocked all that out of me. I could tell you about every scene, every shot. I would be like, 'You want me to do what???' And then I did it. And then I just surrendered and let the rest take hold of me. The first horror was that I had to be makeup-less with greasy hair next to the incredible Jenna Jameson! But to answer your question, the thing I remember most is the crew throwing all those snakes that were trying to escape back on me and trying to be brave and then one of them hissing at me and I just lost it! The scream at the very end of the movie is real!!! Oh, and PT telling me I have to do Georgina Spelvin’s monologue from the original Miss Jones while I’m actually being DP’ed. 'What? You want me to do what, when? Not like in voiceover?' Yeah… The whole movie was wild and freeing and probably the most erotic thing I will ever experience. The billboard in Times Square was pretty cool too."

You won two AVN Awards for all-girl scenes with Jenna Jameson - one for "The New Devil In Miss Jones" and the other for "Jenna Jameson Is The Masseuse". What about your work with her do you think resonated most with viewers?

"I’ll never forget my first movie with all the Vivid Girls. It was ‘Where the Boys Aren’t 17'. We were flight attendants and Jenna picked me! I was dying! But it was shot on a real plane; well, one cut in half for movies and what not, and our sex scene was in the bathroom stall, which doesn’t lend itself for much room to move around. I’m sorry but I gave myself some extra Mile High Club points for that one… can’t blame me for that! It was so tight in there and I remember I finally just climbed up on the sink and suddenly there was room for the beautiful things that happened next. I feel our scenes resonated with the fans because they were so real, so true and erotic and both of us were so into each other that that had to have come across to the audience. In 'The New Devil in Miss Jones', our first sex scene started on this wrought iron statue outside (until we were told it would cost extra to shoot on it) and then moved to this lovely rock that was far more comfortable for me at first than the idea of me, plain Jane, next to the glamorous, gorgeous Jenna Jameson! She took my granny panties off with her teeth and suddenly I didn’t give shit what I looked like and just submitted to her. I still have those panties with her lipstick on them, btw! Then, there was 'The Masseuse' - we were married in that movie, we were in love, we were naughty. What else is there to say about that?!"

Looking back on your porn career, if there anything you would like a do-over on, either because it was so fun or because you'd like to change something about the outcome?

"Well, I maybe would have given myself a 'wrap party'. My contract with Vivid just ended and that was it. In a way this Vivid Hall of Fame event is just that… my wrap party!"

What are your all-time favorite scene partners?

"Sunrise Adams. I loved her. Loved her as a person and she was the perfect little sex doll… and friend, if that makes sense. Men? Well I have to thank Rocco Siffredi for, in a way, my whole career, actually. Oh my God. I still hear his sexy voice, “Come stai?” With Vivid, I chose whom I work with and I chose the best of the best and loved every one of them."

Do you watch today's porn at all? Do you have any favorite performers of the current crop?

"Permission to take the fifth on this one? It’s actually so great these days as you can always easily go back to your favorites!"


Any chance that you would ever come back and perform again?

"I don’t think I’d be very good at it. It takes a certain innocence and I might just try too hard now. Seriously though, I am concentrating on my wine and my mainstream acting and that is keeping me fulfilled at the moment."

Your wines and winery have the best reputation for excellence and I love the wines of yours that I have tried What is in the works with that? What else do you have coming up?

"There are so many exciting changes at La Fiorita, my winery. We just moved to a new cellar and are independent. Hopefully in three years time, our new cellar will be built in a glorious location for all of you coming to Montalcino to visit. The new vineyard is only three years old and produced incredible fruit this year. There are now three vineyards of La Fiorita. Montalcino is like a magic mountain with its different microclimates and soils and my sangiovese grapes just keep getting better and better. My La Fiorita Brunello di Montalcino is really exploding which allows me to make an IGT Toscana for my Savanna Samson Wine fans called Sogno Vero, which I will introduce and serve this Tuesday, October 25th at the Vivid Club in Manhattan for the VHOF event. The Vivid Club will hopefully carry Sogno Vero in the future as well."


Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thank you for always supporting me and enjoying my Vivid movies! It’s because of you that I am where I am today and I just love you for it!!!"

All of the images here are from Vivid's "The New Devil In Miss Jones" and appear here courtesy of Vivid.

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