Five Reasons Why "Amish Girls" Are the Sexiest Girls in the World, by Mike Quasar

May 17, 2016 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown


There's Lust Under Those Bonnets and Black Dresses!

AVN Hall of Fame director Mike Quasar directed Zero Tolerance's "Amish Girls", and it is available on DVD right the heck now. The only sexy Amish chick I had ever thought of before this epic motion picture was Lili Simmons—not a real Amish chick but instead a very hot blonde who played one in "Banshee," one of my favorite shows that is sadly ending this season. Quasar thinks that I have been totally missing out.

"They're forbidden from owning cell phones so they don't interrupt sex to take annoying selfies."


"There's a sense of mystery about them since you haven't already seen their vaginas on Twitter."


"They've only ever had sex in the missionary position. Introducing them to pile driver is both fun and entertaining."


"They have killer bodies once you remove their bonnets, petticoats and pantaloons."


"They can raise a barn and your penis."

All of the images here and the trailer appear courtesy of Zero Tolerance. I highly recommend following Quasar on Twitter because he is fucking hilarious in addition to shooting great porn. Click right here to pick up a copy of Zero Tolerance's "Amish Girls" on DVD!

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