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Nikki Delano is equal parts New York City streets and Miami Beach. Deceivingly small, everything about Nikki is larger than life: her ass, chest, hyper-toned physique, lips, and personality.

Nikki is a born and bred Brooklyn girl of Puerto Rican, Colombian, and Italian descent. This Catholic schoolgirl went on to earn her bachelor's degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. After doing some mainstream modeling, Delano jumped into the adult industry in February of 2011, filming her first scene for Brazzers in Miami. With each year, her scenes get a bit more hardcore just as her body gets harder. She has the kind of fit physique—complete with a stacked chest and ass—that makes her seem built to withstand and deliver the hardest of sexual poundings. Since entering the feature dancing circuit, she has been perpetually nominated by Exotic Dancer Magazine as the "Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year." At the last NightMoves Awards, she took home the Fan's Choice Award for "Best Adult Film Star Feature Dancer."

Alfie: I haven't seen your feature dance show in awhile. What's new with it?

Nikki Delano: It's pretty awesome. This year I won NightMoves' Fan Choice award for "Feature Dancer of the Year." I'm really into games and fan involvement. I don't just get up there and dance. I make my fans come onstage and play games, like this one I call, "How would you fuck Nikki Delano?"

Alfie: When you play that game with fans, how often do guys try to pick you up? Have you ever been dropped?

Nikki Delano: I've never been dropped. Never. But, never say never. I need to knock on wood. Usually I'll bring three to five guys on stage, depending on the stage size.


Alfie: What's the most creative way one of these contestants has dry-humped you on stage?

Nikki Delano: I've have a lot of good ones who do really crazy stuff. I've also had a lot of really whack ones and some boring ones. Some guys do missionary. I think they get nervous and shy and don't want to go all out. 

Alfie: On Instagram you post a lot of videos of you doing squats and working out your ass. 

Nikki Delano: I work out a lot. They love those workout videos. And my dog Benzo. They love Benzo on instagram.

Alfie: Do you ever work out with Benzo?

Nikki Delano: No. He's there in a play pen. I do personal training sessions in that studio too. So he's there in his play pen but he doesn't work out.

Alfie: Why do you train in a studio instead of a gym?

Nikki Delano: I don't really like going to the gym. People stare at me. I feel uncomfortable. And when I am training people, I like to be really hands-on, and have that one-on-one interaction.


Alfie: I read that you want to produce films and become an agent. Are you going to steal Shy Love's job?

Nikki Delano: No, not at all. She's doing her own thing. That was awhile ago when I said that. Now, I don't know that I want to be an agent and deal with these crazy bitches.

Alfie: Do you make more money doing feature dancing or porn?

Nikki Delano: Feature dancing is more lucrative because they fly you out, and pay for expenses, and pay you per show.

Alfie: Do you go to the Exotic Dancer Awards?

Nikki Delano: I've been nominated every year for "Adult Feature Entertainer of the Year" but I only went once. I haven't gone to the recent ones. It's just a big party.


Alfie: I read that your favorite position is pile driver.

Nikki Delano: It is.

Alfie: That seems absurd. How is that your favorite position, or do you just like a giant guy who can throw you around?

Nikki Delano: Yes. That's why.

Alfie: So it's more like, if he can do the pile driver, then he is manly enough to have sex with you.

Nikki Delano: Yes. I like them strong. I like him to be able to flip me around. I'm not that big. I'm a spinner. If he can spin me around and put me in the pile driver, he's got my heart.


Alfie: Have you done anything new in the last year as far as sexual acts on camera? I know for awhile you were holding off doing things like gangbangs. 

Nikki Delano: Interracial. 

Alfie: Being Latin, what counts as interracial sex? It doesn't count as interracial if you just have sex with a white guy right?

Nikki Delano: I slept with a black guy. Lexington Steele.

Alfie: Have you booked more since then?

Nikki Delano: I don't shoot that much of it right now. Not because I don't want to. I just want to space it out. You have to tease fans.


Alfie: What do you have planned for this year?

Nikki Delano: Keep shooting a lot. Keep feature dancing. I want to open my own gym as a side business. I want to have a nutrition company as well.

Alfie: When you open a gym, would you use your body of work in porn to attract clients? Would you say, "You too can look like me naked?"

Nikki Delano: No. I want to do more mainstream. 

Alfie: Would you use your real name?

Nikki Delano: Yes. I want to open one gym and see how it goes, then I might franchise it.


Alfie: I read also you got into porn to get revenge on your cheating boyfriend. 

Nikki Delano: Yes.

Alfie: I know you did a few scenes before your family found out. Do you think you would have kept doing porn if your family hadn't found out?

Nikki Delano: Yes. I loved it. When I first started I was really nervous but I loved it. 

Alfie: Did you start stripping after you started doing porn?

Nikki Delano: After. 

Alfie: You never danced before?

Nikki Delano: I'm Latin so I can dance. 


Alfie: I know you just opened an online store. What are you selling? 

Nikki Delano: Dolls. Figurine dolls of me. 

Alfie: For kids?

Nikki Delano: For adults. Collectibles. I have panties on there. 

Alfie: They never want clean panties?

Nikki Delano: Never. Custom videos. My phone number.

Alfie: What's the weirdest custom video request you've gotten?

Nikki Delano: So this guy was dressed in a monster costume. The costume had this huge mouth which he used to swallow me whole. I've also done one where I'm like a human turkey. I'm in a basting pan like a turkey and they pretend to eat me.

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