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For Sarah Jessie, porn is not an act. The performer doesn't even like to act when it comes to filming segments that feed into a sex scene. She'd rather just get down to the business of hot people fucking. For Sarah, porn is not so much a career choice as an extension of her adventurous sex life—which is actually wilder off camera. 

Sarah grew up in a liberal household with parents who instilled in her a sense of curiosity and openness that extended to sex. While she considers Detroit her hometown, she moved often as a child. As a young woman, she relocated from Germany to Australia, where she started stripping at night and taking classes during the day to fulfill the terms of her student visa.

For Sarah, doing porn seemed inevitable. She was just waiting for the right time. In 2007 a fellow dancer put her in contact with an LA agency and soon she was flying stateside to shoot her first scene: a threesome with Evan Stone and Sativa Rose for Naughty America. She loved fucking on film even more than she expected. And, as it turned out, porn fans loved watching her even more.

Sarah looks like a badass Barbie. Her vegan-thin body, complete with impressive abs, is topped with a 32 DD chest. Colorful tattoos cover her right arm, much of her left, and her back. It's impossible to see her without imagining what she looks like naked. Luckily such curiosity can easily be satisfied online. I caught up with Sarah at the 2016 AEE convention in Las Vegas, where we talked about threesomes with brothers, how her father shot fetish porn, tattoos, and her desire to do anal porn. 


Alfie: You lived in Europe for four years and had a few threesomes with brothers—

Sarah Jessie: Well, I did have threesomes with brothers in Europe, but when I moved to Melbourne, Australia, I had threesomes with brothers multiple times. 

Alfie: The same brothers?

Sarah Jessie: Different ones.

Alfie: How do you meet brothers who are into that?

Sarah Jessie: I don't know where I meet them. Come to think of it, I've actually had a threesome with brothers in LA as well. I don't usually pick up guys at a bar. I have sex all the time, so I just don't. But I met these guys at a bar in LA. I was really drunk, and I think it was my birthday or something and I was like, "OK, we have to do this." They were both equally as hot. How could I not do both?

Alfie: Are you always the sexual instigator?

Sarah Jessie: I don't remember. It was probably mutual. 


Alfie: Had any of those brothers fucked the same woman before?

Sarah Jessie: I'm sure they had. They were all down for it. I mean, why wouldn't you?

Alfie: I've never met sisters who would be up for a threesome.

Sarah Jessie: If I meet two hot brothers, I can't decide so I just do them both. Why do we have to make those kinds of decisions in life? Why can't we just do both? 

Alfie: Does your dad make dungeon fetish porn?

Sarah Jessie: He used to.

Alfie: How did you find that out? Did you stumble into his sex dungeon?

Sarah Jessie: No, no, no. He told me about it. He said, "Oh I have this website. It's kind of like fetish stuff." But he has stopped doing it.


Alfie: When you got into porn, was your father excited? Did he want to come to conventions with you or anything like that?

Sarah Jessie: No, he didn't do anything like that. He was like, "I think I saw you on the internet." I was like, "Oh yeah, I was going to tell you about that. I started doing porn." 

Alfie: So the fact that you were now shooting porn was just an interesting tidbit inserted into your weekly call home?

Sarah Jessie: Yeah. I always tell him after I do something, like, "Oh, by the way, I moved to Australia . . . by the way, I started shooting porn."

Alfie: You were in Australia on a student visa. When that was running out, was that when you decided to move back to the states and shoot porn?

Sarah Jessie: I actually went there just to travel and to check it out. I ended up liking it so I got a student visa and stayed and started stripping. One thing led to another.


Alfie: You were always curious about shooting porn, so you just decided to fly out to LA and give it a try?

Sarah Jessie: Yeah. I always watched it. I was working at a strip club and a friend told me about LA Direct Models. This was back when they were the best agency. So I checked them out and emailed them. They were like, "Yeah, come to LA. We'll set you up in this model house." I was like, "Yeah, OK." 

Alfie: You've said one of your hobbies is tattoos. Is there anything you wouldn't tattoo, like your chest?

Sarah Jessie: I'm not tattooing my chest or my stomach. I don't want to hide my abs. 

Alfie: Some women get tattoos after they have kids to hide their stretch marks.

Sarah Jessie: Oh, I'm not having kids so that's not an issue. No thank you!


Alfie: Tattoos can limit the work teen models get, because it makes them not seem as young or innocent. Have you noticed that tattoos limit the roles you are cast for? Do you think you are ever passed over to play a MILF, teacher, or a lawyer, because you have tattoos?

Sarah Jessie: I think so, yeah. 

Alfie: What type of roles are you usually cast as? The hot stripper?

Sarah Jessie: Yeah, the stripper. But I've been in a lot of step-mom stuff. I'll be married to an older guy and I fuck his son. That kind of thing.

Alfie: Or you fuck two brothers.

Sarah Jessie: Haha. Or I fuck two brothers. All kinds of scenarios. Some directors are like, "You don't look like a MILF because of your tattoos, but we are going to cast you as a MILF because of your age." It doesn't really matter. Most people just want to see hot girls fuck. 


Alfie: What is your brand? What are you known for? What do you want to be known for?

Sarah Jessie: I think I just have a unique look so people recognize me for me. But, I don't know if I am known for any one thing. I do want to start doing more stuff, like anal.

Alfie: Do you do anal in your personal life?

Sarah Jessie: Sometimes.

Alfie: Are you holding off doing it on film for business reasons?

Sarah Jessie: Ummmm...

Alfie: Or are you just scared of the size of porn cocks?

Sarah Jessie: Haha! I think I'm scared. I think I'll be fine with it though. It'll be fun. I'll do it. 

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