Rachel Rosenstein, Jocelin Albor, Maria Breese, Angeline Appel, and Sherilyn Fenn Stuffed 'Shameless' With Nudity!

March 8, 2016 | Posted in straight by l-l-skelton


I've pretty much had my fill of election season. It's never been my favorite year, especially since it's always a Summer Olympics year too. Seriously, what kind of masochist enjoys this garbage. Fuck these television ads. I don't care which political party you support. I hate them all. Lying bastards. All the baby kissing, PR stunts, shameless pandering, and ridiculous campaign promises all in the name of getting votes. They need you NOW but forget you LATER once they've used your ass. Ain't democracy grand?!



Sorry. I really had to get that off my chest, and it's not even spring yet! The only thing to get my mind off this election dumpster fire is a fresh episode of Shameless. Usually, I can count on at least one actress showing tits but Sunday's installment had several fully nude! With bush! Sherilyn Fenn continued her comeback to nude relevancy, showing her giant suck sacks while boinking Frank again. Meanwhile, lucky Lip had some fun in a foursome. The naked hotties in that fuckfest include Jocelin Albor and Maria Breese. If that weren't enough, Lip had solo screws with coconut bra-ed Rachel Rosenstein (going full frontal!) and gifted tit-ster Angeline Appel.

Shameless gets my vote for having the best nudity on cable TV! Well . . . until Game of Thrones, I guess.

See a treasure trove of nudity from six seasons of Shameless at Mr. Skin!

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