New Nudes From Hannah New Is Good News!

March 7, 2016 | Posted in straight by l-l-skelton


ABC renewed 15 shows for next fall. Do you watch Quantico, The Middle, Modern Family, Once Upon a Time or Marvel's Agents of SHIELD? Would your world be rocked if they were cancelled? Meh. Network television, man. I can't tell you the times I've never raced home to watch another stimulating episode of NCIS, Gotham or whatever the fuck's on NBC now. There are just too many better options on cable and online. Not to say networks can't catch up, it's just they haven't right now. Cop/lawyer/doctor shows suck now. The Shonda Rhimes shows are entertaining soaps but you can't live on junk food. You can keep your talent and dating shows too. I probably watch the CW more than any other network and they're the lowest rated. 

Black Sails is on Starz. It's a cable channel. That means they can curse and show tits, ass and vag! The lovely Hannah New has shown all three at certain points during her tenure on the swashbuckling drama and went fully nude again during the most recent episode over the weekend. New shows her butt and boobs while during some sexy time in the bedroom. If ABC were smart, they'd give this blonde hottie a variety show where she removes a variety of clothes. FCC be damned! This is a ratings war! Ad dollars!

Hannah New Has More Nudes At Mr. Skin!

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