Assembling Kayla-Jane Danger's Doll Parts

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Kayla-Jane Danger has hit the jackpot in the adult industry, cashing in big in the world of adult entertainment while managing to remain chaste—at least on camera. I sat down with her at a slot machine in Las Vegas just outside the 2016 Adult Entertainment Expo to uncover how she went from a tattooed teen model to the reigning queen of foot fetish porn.

Alfie: You started teen modeling at 10 and you got your first tattoo at fifteen.  

Kayla-Jane Danger: I did get my first tattoo at fifteen.  

Alfie: What was it?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: A star on the inside of my hip.  

Alfie: I imagine you weren’t showing an excess of hip while modeling at 15, but did that first tattoo limit your mainstream modeling at all?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: Oh, absolutely. I started getting more tattoos pretty quickly.  

Alfie: Who was giving a 15-year-old tattoos?

Kayla-Jane Danger: Well, it was this whole thing. But anyway, I kind of just started getting tattoos and I had a short pixie cut, so people were like, "Oh, we see where this is going. You’re going to be one of those girls."  

Alfie: I wonder if there's a market for tattooed teens. Alt teens.  

Kayla-Jane Danger: Burning Angel pulls in a lot of the hot alt girls when they are 18.

Alfie: I meant mainstream, tattooed, underage models. 


Kayla-Jane Danger: I don’t know. I shot for Hot Topic for a long time.  

Alfie: That’s exactly who I would guess would hire a tattooed teen model.

Kayla-Jane Danger: I shot for them even as I started doing adult content. It’s kind of weird, because they are sort of a Christian company.  

Alfie: I didn’t know that, though I guess it makes sense with all the fire and brimstone stuff.  

Kayla-Jane Danger: Yeah, so I think eventually they were like, "Yeah, we can’t have any more of her exposure with our customer base." I was too naughty, even though I am not naughty at all. I’m like the most softcore porn person ever.  

Alfie: It is harder to make it in mainstream modeling being 5’4” or having tattoos?

Kayla-Jane Danger: Having tattoos. There was a point where I would get booked for certain things because of the tattoos but then at the same time you can get away with a lot more if you are 5’9. It goes back and forth. It also depends where you are. In L.A. or New York, tattoos go over a lot better. Everywhere else, not so much. No love.  

Alfie: You were modeling in New York. Were you just go-go dancing or also stripping?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: I just go-go danced in New York.  

Alfie: That was when Joanna Angel was still operating out of New York?

Kayla-Jane Danger: Yeah. That was when I met her.


Alfie: How did you end up posing topless for the first time for her?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: We had a lot of mutual friends from the night club scene. I loved all of them. I thought they were awesome. Then I found out about Burning Angel. And I was like, I like being in front of the camera, and I think my body is pretty cool, so I have no problems with taking my clothing off. So, I was like, let’s see what happens. It was such a cool atmosphere and the vibe on set was so awesome. I was like, this is so much better than mainstream modeling from my shoots for like Seventeen and teen magazines as a kid where everyone is kind of like poking at you and being mean to you. Those environments were not very confidence-building at all. When I shot for Burning Angel, all of a sudden I had people telling me, "Oh, you look so great like that. Your body looks fantastic. I love your smile." It was just a much more positive experience.

Alfie: That's interesting. All the photographers I've been around in the industry are always very encouraging of the models, more like it is a privilege to shoot them naked. It's not like that on mainstream shoots?

Kayla-Jane Danger: No, mainstream is definitely more nit picky. Don’t get me wrong. I want a photographer to tell me if I am not in a good position, but you don’t need to tell me when I am 16 that I am making myself look like a cow. That’s a little inappropriate.  

Alfie: At 18 you moved to L.A. What was the rational behind that? Had you already shot topless for Burning Angel?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: Yes. I shot for Burning Angel in New York. I always wanted to move to L.A. It was kind of in my plan. And I transferred colleges. I transferred to Otis College of Art and Design. That was part of the decision. And then, really, I just kind of blossomed in the adult world in L.A. and left school.

Alfie: The porn world was more inviting than academia?

Kayla-Jane Danger: Yeah, I was going to school for art, but I was kind of already working in the art and design world.  


Alfie: You were going to school for illustration?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: For fashion design and then illustration. I was like, why am I doing this? I should just go and make money. I didn’t see the point anymore. So I started my company and I started teaching scuba diving.  

Alfie: You started your company at 21. Between 18 and 21, you were just doing school and some adult modeling on the side?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: Kind of. I started a company called with a friend.  

Alfie: I'm sure Hot Topic was thrilled about that.

Kayla-Jane Danger: Hot Topic kept me around until I was like 23.  

Alfie: You are described as the queen of lesbian foot fetish porn. How did that happen? Did you come up with that?

Kayla-Jane Danger: I did not come up with that. I don’t really know how it happened except that I have a really great foot fetish website,  

Alfie: I didn’t know it was foot fetish based.   

Kayla-Jane Danger: It is. It was started around feet. Specifically mine. It used to be a solo girl site. There used to be no nudity. And it just kind of evolved into whatever I wanted it to be. At the same time, I always wanted foot fetishists to find a home with me and to feel like they were going to be taken care of. I think a lot of the foot fetish sites out there, or the porn sites that try to include foot fetish, really don’t know what they are doing. They just come at it from a kind of, "OK, just put the foot in your mouth," perspective, instead of just getting into it and showing what can be enjoyable about it and actually letting the girls take the time to take it in and get to like it, instead of just having them do it and pretend to enjoy it. I think I brought a kind of palatability to the foot fetish world.  

Alfie: Good word choice.  

Kayla-Jane Danger: It is. But, you know, you look at the site and it’s glamour stuff, and it’s feminine lingerie and really pretty, and girls making out with girls, and then you're like, "Oh, they’re sucking each other’s toes and sometimes they are masturbating while getting their toes sucked," and it’s like, "That’s cool." And a lot of people like what we are doing so, I don't know. I guess I prefer queen over something, like, "the mother goose of foot fetish."  

Alfie: Haha. Or the matron of foot fetish.  

Kayla-Jane Danger: Ha! Right. I so prefer being the queen. I’ll take it.  


Alfie: Dancing is great for your legs and ass, but a lot of dancers have really busted feet. Is that ever a problem?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: I was a ballerina for years. I performed. I hated my feet. I hated my feet until dancing at a club and someone was like, "Oh my god, your feet. Can I pay you to massage them?"  

Alfie: You were go-go dancing, with your feet literally on a pedestal.   

Kayla-Jane Danger: Right. I was on a box. Then after that a lot more people started asking me about my feet, or asking me to perform in foot fetish scenes for their websites. I had never really thought about it before. I hated my feet. But if someone is willing to pay me a lot of money to play with them, that’s cool.

Alfie: Was that before you posed nude?

Kayla-Jane Danger: This was after. I was naked before I started doing foot fetish work.

Alfie: Feet are one of the biggest fetishes by far. I’ve always wondered if anyone has ever really discovered the evolutionary psychology driving this peculiarity. Have you noticed anything specifically as far as what people like to see when it comes to foot porn?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: That’s the kind of amazing thing about feet. You can be into feet and so can 50 people in a room, but you could all have something completely different that you like about them. Someone could like the smell, a good smell or a bad smell. Someone could like just the toes. Someone could like just the arch, just the sole. Someone could like your pedicure, or just a specific color of pedicure. It’s a huge genre. It gives me a lot of ability to play. Just like in regular porn, it’s sex, but there are still a million different ways to have sex. People don’t think of it that way necessarily, but that’s absolutely the same thing with foot fetish. For me, I thoroughly enjoy having my feet touched. It is an erogenous zone for me. You can make me orgasm by playing with my feet properly. And there are plenty of other girls who didn't know that they had that ability, then they worked for me and were like, "Holy shit! What the fuck are you doing to me?"  


Alfie: If someone was trying to play with my feet, it would be hard not to reflexively kick them.  

Kayla-Jane Danger: We have some girls who are so ticklish they can’t handle anything and you actually have to tie them up, not even to make it like a serious bondage scene. It’s just so they don’t kick you in the face. One of the girls I shoot all the time is very ticklish and you have to make very deliberate moves on her feet. If you try to just be playful and light, it gets too ticklish for her and she will kick you.  

Alfie: Do you pay your pedicure person more than your set makeup artist?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: I do not but at the same time—

Alfie: Do you keep one on set?

Kayla-Jane Danger: There is not one on set. But I've employed many a nail lady in my day. I am a very regular customer.  

Alfie: You describe yourself as not very hardcore, but I consider bondage pretty hardcore. What’s the distinction for you. Just no exchange of fluids?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: Yeah, for me, there are three things. They might sound weird. I don’t do any penetration on film. I do in pictures occasionally, but not on video. I don’t have orgasms on film.   

Alfie: Even though you could have an orgasm just by someone rubbing your feet?

Kayla-Jane Danger: I could but—

Alfie: You've never done that on camera?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: It’s a weird line.  


Alfie: That's like having a super power and never using it.  

Kayla-Jane Danger: I use it. I just don’t use it on camera. But it is something that, for me, I’ve been able to make a living and enjoy myself and play while keeping those limits, and at the same time I also produce and direct hardcore lesbian porn, so I get to still create those fantasies and make them happen, just not with me in them. I just shut myself off very early in the industry from going further. I realized how much I could do with what I was already doing. I had to ask myself if I really wanted to do more. Because, once you give it up, you give it up forever. A lot of girls don’t think about that when they get in the industry. I’ve been able to have this 10-year career without performing in hardcore scenes. Why change now?   

Alfie: You’re quoted as saying, “For my site, I don’t shoot tattooed girls unless I am in love with them.”

Kayla-Jane Danger: I really don’t shoot tattooed girls.  

Alfie: Do tattooed girls not sell as well?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: No, foot fetish has historically been a kind of an all-natural genre.  

Alfie: I thought it was always rooted in the leather and heel scene, like what Bettie Page was doing.  

Kayla-Jane Danger: It can be, but then you are branching off to shoe fetish versus foot fetish. There are people who hate feet but love shoes and the other way around. The two can complement each other but they don't always go together. I have noticed that the foot fetish fans are into more natural girls. I get people who are like, "Oh tattoos." I’m just like, "You’ll talk shit about my tattoos, but you’ll still jerk off to me, so whatever." So when I see other girls with tattoos, they just have to be outstanding performers. A lot of girls with tattoos will come to me thinking, "Oh, she has tattoos so she will want tattooed girls." I didn’t want an alt site. I didn’t want a tattooed site. In particular, I really wanted to keep it open to everyone. So there are girls who have tattoos who end up on the site, but I think there has only been one really heavily tattooed girl other than me, and she isn’t in the industry anymore.

Alfie: Curious.  

Kayla-Jane Danger: I know. I’m like the naughty one who corrupts all the girls next door with my tattoos and foot licking.  


Alfie: You have If you can master it, financial domination is the dream fetish for a performer to excel at. Of course, it's also difficult to find genuine financial domination fetishists.

Kayla-Jane Danger: The problem is that a lot of people don’t differentiate between financial domination and being a sugar baby. Some of the guys come in thinking they are going to get something out of it that they are not. I have Kayla-JanePOV, which is all femdom stuff. That kind of collects potential clients for me in a way. They see my videos. They see what I do and they say, "I want to be owned by you." I want to give you everything, or whatever their thing is. Some people want to actually be financially restrained and given a budget. Some people just want to be bossed around and drained and told to give up everything for a woman. And they feel fabulous because they’ve given up everything to a more powerful woman. But if you don’t actually have that dominance, if you don’t have that ability to put your foot down and tell someone, "No. You owe this to me just for being in my presence," you are not going to get it.  

Alfie: It’s almost the exact opposite of the sugar daddy/sugar baby dynamic. Sugar daddies get off on taking care of needy women while these guys like to be dominated by more powerful women. It’s almost like you are extorting them.

Kayla-Jane Danger: Haha. Yes, except they want it. It’s totally consensual.  

Alfie: Can you disclose the most money that you’ve gotten in one chunk from a guy?  

Kayla-Jane Danger: Ha! A lot. A lot. The good ones stick around for a long time and you can get whatever you want.  

Alfie: Have you ever met one of these guys?

Kayla-Jane Danger: On occasion. They really have to be incredibly big spenders and the kind of person who— 

Alfie: I mean, have you ever met one of these guys at a convention and you're like, "Give me ten bucks."

Kayla-Jane Danger: Haha. No, no, no. Way more than that. Otherwise it’s so not worth my time. If you’re going to come up to me at one of these things and that’s what you are into, you know you better come up with your head down and money out, otherwise I’m like, “Oh, that’s funny. Go find an ATM and come talk to me when you have cash in your hand.  

Alfie: Fascinating. OK, I have to stop this interview before I get far too jealous of you.

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