Flesh for the Butcher’s Hardcore Trailer Premiere

February 12, 2016 | Posted in straight by alfie


Hunger for flesh is universal. How, exactly, that flesh is enjoyed, however, is a matter of taste. Some people like to kiss, lick, and nibble a lover. Others prefer to watch beautiful objects of lust slashed to ribbons in horror flicks.

Flesh for the Butcher offers the perfect porn experience for people looking for an alternative to the usual Valentine's Day nonsense. Instead of sitting through epic romance films where one couple struggles to fall in love, this film offers the experience of watching several couples jump straight into hardcore action before their relationships, and their bodies are violently torn apart.

Directed by Jakodema, this campy thriller follows six friends as they explore an abandoned warehouse at night. They split off, often to engage in some X-rated fun, which in turn leaves them vulnerable to a demented butcher's bloodlust. The film features Vera Drake, Goldie, Blair Williams, Bradley Remington, Alex Davis, and Rob Carpenter.

Flesh for the Butcher hits stores February 18, 2016. You can also stream the VOD here.

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