Fleshbot's Friday Five--Andrew Blake Films/Videos You Need to See

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First off, I just want to say hello and thank you to Lux who did such a great job with this feature while she was doing it and thanks to all of you for reading my work and commenting.  Thank you to Fleshbot overall for being a great place to express the dirty stuff that is in my mind and oh, there is a lot of it as you all are well aware.  I really just never seem to run out of stuff.  It is a good thing, overall.  All that dirty stuff stays pretty firmly lodged in my head until I need it to come out and when it does, well, you all appreciate it, it seems.  Thanks.

Andrew Blake was the first director whose work I ever masturbated to.  I was twenty years old and my boyfriend at the time had scored us some acid and bought me my very first vibrator and well, from there, a part of me always belonged to pornography and I do believe that I can not shake it ever.  Blake and his work are a large part of why.  It is artistic and luscious to the eye.  It is dirty when it needs to be and not just dirty to hammer a nail, if you get my drift.

Blake is an AVN and XRCO Hall of Famer who has received a ton of AVN Awards in his time for his work that he refers to as "erotic fashion" and he loves bondage and lesbian themes and only mostly his early work includes boy/girl stuff at all in it.  He loves to include fetish in his scenes that move at a slow, slow pace.  It's quality over quantity in a Blake production.  Consuming his stuff is like enjoying a fine glass of brandy.  You don't chug that thing.  You savor, you contemplate, you absorb, you let it wash over your senses.  Enjoying these five Blake productions just may make you enjoy all of your porn a bit more for learning to slow the fuck down and pay more attention to what you are feeling.



This was my first porno love and if you only watch one thing off of this post, spend the four bucks to go ahead and blow your own mind forever.  Zara Whites--one of the most beautiful porn stars of the 1990's who just did not appear in enough things for my liking--stars and the whole film is her erotic dreams come to life.  Whites does an excellent solo scene here and one of my favorite stars ever, Jeanna Fine, is in this as an insanely beautiful dominatrix that on some level, I still judge all other tops by.  Ashlyn Gere does a gorgeous scene with Randy West in this and Whites gets fucked by Rocco Siffredi in another stunningly beautiful threeway with a performer named Raven.  This can be a tough one to find on DVD so if you see it, buy it immediately.  You can't have my copy of this.



You pretty much can not be a Justine Joli fan without owning this on DVD.  It was shot in New York City with Joli and Aria Giovanni begig sexy and using the moody, bruised Big Apple as its backdrop for making Joli look like an insanely beautiful, completely intimidating goddess.  There is no dialog in this--just the music of Raoul Valve, who I have heard whispered is actually Herbie Hancock using an alias to keep to porn stigma off of him.  It is all-girl goodness, some in black and white.  Love it.  




This was shot in Paris and in the French country side and has Joli--here as a blonde--in some of her first stuff in front of the camera ever.  It's all-girl with Euro star Anita Blond here--one of my favorite women that Blake ever shot.  The women are outdoors pleasuring themselves and each other, sometimes it is in black and white.  That boxcover--man, I stared at that alone for about a month, I think.  Joli is ravishing in this.  You can buy this as a poster over at Blake's store and you should.  It is a beautiful shot of a beautiful woman.  




This is another one where if you see this on DVD and you do at the link above, pick it up.  It is most commonly sold now in e three-pack with two other Blake DVDs.  Those other titles aren't bad ones but well, this is the one you want.  It has one of porn's most notable lesbian pairings--Janina with Julia Ann before Blondage when they were just girlfriends in what is referred to as "the ice dildo scene".  OMG, it is hot.  They won an AVN Award for this scene and it is one you absolutely need in your permanent collection.  Holy crap, it is good.  There are a lot of other scenes in this--boy/girl ones, a rarity in the Blake world, but you need to buy it for this one scene.  Worth every penny, I promise you.




This is AVN's number one adult production of all time, it's got boy/girl and it's got Tori Welles looking her absolute fucking finest.  She is a patient in a center for sexual research and oh, she gets all her kinks worked out here in the many scenes she is in.  Welles' dreams and fantasies are brought to life at this center that I always wish I was a patient at.  Fucking beautiful.  

The pic of Dahlia Grey appears courtesy of AndrewBlake.com.



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