Fleshbot's Friday Five: Brooklyn Chase

February 7, 2015 | Posted in Pornstars by lux-alptraum

nullYesterday, we learned five titillating reasons about what Brooklyn Chase enjoyed about filming "A Hot Wife Blindfolded" – including her love of sensory deprivation, blindfolds, Erik Everhard, and silent sex. But there's much more to Brooklyn than being bound and blindfolded, and if you haven't checked out her extensive oeuvre, well, there's no time like the present, right? Keep reading for a guide to some of our favorite XXX Brooklyn moments (none of which, sadly, happen in Brooklyn, NY).

Before we get to the smut, though, a brief insight into how Brooklyn became a porn star: after eleven years in customer service, she was looking for a new job. She was considering stripping when the opportunity to do porn presented itself – and though her first reaction was a flat out no, a bit of time (and a need for some cash) led to her taking tentative steps into her first scene. And, well, once she was on set having the time of her life (and getting paid to do it, too) she realized she'd found her calling. And us? Well, we found one of our favorite stars.

Titty Creampies #5: Let's get out of the way right upfront: Brooklyn Chase has some really big, beautiful boobs. Not only that, she's got the know how and experience to really put those boobs to use. As the title implies "Titty Creampies" is all about the magic that happens when breasts bump up against cocks. Though there's no pussy penetration in this scene, the combination of Brooklyn's dirty talk and lubed up tits make for a stunning tit fuck session that's not to be missed. 

Stacked: Looking for a scene that celebrates Brooklyn's bountiful bosom... and lets you see her get pounded raw and hard, too? "Stacked" has the thrills you need. There's a delightful tease scene that offers a chance to savor every inch of of Brooklyn's beautiful body (including, yes, her ass, tits, and pussy) as she oils up by the pool. Then, of course, it's on to the real action, with Erik Everhard playing with Brooklyn's tits and pussy before seguing to a delightful combo of blowjobs and pussy fucking (and, in the piece de resistance, a come shot all across Brooklyn's beautiful chest).

Pretty Dirty 6: Much as we love watching girls get super filthy, we also have an appreciation for directors who realize that "pretty" and "dirty" don't have to be mutually exclusive. Eddie Powell's "Pretty Dirty" celebrates the incredible beauty of filthy fucks, and Brooklyn's addition to the collection is a sight to be seen for sure. Brooklyn's scene with Bruce Venture begins with some delicious masturbation before turning into a sweet and tender fuck fest: Bruce worships Brooklyn's body with some pretty intense dedication, making sure her pussy and tits are properly pleasured before, yes, coating those gorgeous breasts with a whole lot of come. (You may have noticed that there's a whole lot of coming on tits going on in Brooklyn's scenes: hey, with tits like that, it'd be a crime not to coat them in semen, guys.)

Big Black Cock POV: As we mentioned above, Brooklyn's always been known for having really big boobs – but true fans may have noticed that they seem to have gotten a bit bigger. About halfway through 2014 Brooklyn decided to upgrade from a DD to a G; during her healing process she was forced to take a hiatus from porn. And this scene? Well, it's one of her first ones back. In addition to being a sexy showcase of her brand new tits, this scene offers Brooklyn a chance to unleash all the pent up sexual energy built up during her time away from camera – and judging by the sheer hunger she shows for costar LT's cock, we'd say there was quite a lot of energy pent up inside her. And by the end of the scene, there's a whole lot of sexual energy exploding all over her, too (if you know what we mean).

The Madison's Mad Mad Circus: How hot is this scene? So hot, that after it was all said and done, no one retained the ability to employ proper grammar (at least, that's what we assume is going on with the release's title, anyway). Seriously, though, Brooklyn herself lists this orgy as one of her very favorite scenes, offering that, "It was a big circus scene so I got to ride an elephant and it was a really big production. It was a lot of fun. There were a lot of really great girls on it. It was a really fun set to be on and it was a very fun scene. We were having sex for literally three hours." If you've ever dreamed of running away and joining the circus, this is like that but ten times better.

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