Lady Lovers: The Best Girl On Girl Performers

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nullLesbian porn gets a bad rap – and if we're being honest, there's a pretty good reason for that. Rather than appreciating it as the passionate whirlwind of lady love that it most definitely ought to be, many directors treat girl on girl as a sort of starter porn, a way of easing performers into sex without the hardcore obligation of having a penis all up in their business. As a result, we end up with women who just aren't all that into women sticking their face into snatch, creating subpar scenes instead of supercharged sapphic action powered but a genuine passion for lesbian loving. 

But amidst all the gay-for-pay performers, there are quite a few ladies who really love other ladies – and are incredibly dynamic when it comes to showing that love on camera. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite sapphic stars – the kind of performers we know are knee deep in pussy even when the camera's long been turned off – along with recommendations for some of their very best scenes.

[Above: Skin Diamond with real life girlfriend Asphyxia Noir]

Marie Luv Given our aforementioned stance against gay-for-pay performers, it may seem odd to begin this list with a performer who once swore she'd never do girl-girl (on account of, well, not being all that into girls). But here's the thing: sometimes people's sexual tastes evolve and grow, and over her years in the industry, Luv developed a love of the ladies that put her way up on the top of her list. Don't believe us? Check out her performance in the by lesbians, for lesbians "River Rock Women's Prison," and see if you don't think that scene is one hell of an authentic depiction of snatch appreciation.

Recommended Scene: River Rock Women's Prison

Aiden Starr Many years ago, we ended up on the set of Belladonna's "Strapped Dykes" during the Aiden Starr/Syd Blakovich scene, and learned a funny thing about Aiden: due to a slight deformity in her hand structure, she's blessed with hands that are easier to ease inside a stretched out orifice – in other words, Aiden Starr was born to fist. Fortunately for the vaginas of the world, Aiden's been more than willing to put that innate ability into practice, easing her full hand into quite a few eager orifices over the years. And for those who don't find fisting to be their cup of tea, well, she's more than willing to put other things into eager lady orifices as well (if you know what we mean).

Recommended Scene: Belladonna's Strapped Dykes

Arabelle Raphael Another scene we were lucky enough to be on set for? The all girl orgy "Girl Pile," shot in a hotel room during the 2013 Adult Entertainment Expo. Intended as an antidote to the fake girl-on-girl clogging the airwaves, "Girl Pile" pulled together four authentic lady lovers and allowed them to go to town on each other for the better part of an hour: no script, no rules, just good old fashioned lesbian orgy action. Though all the performers in the scene were incredibly talented, if we had to pick a favorite, it'd have to be Arabelle Raphael, whose enthusiasm for the exciting world of lesbian sex is enhanced by her kickass curves and beautiful tattoos. Adding to her cred is the fact that, like Aiden Starr, she's a champion fister. And if you ask us, there's no purer expression of true pussy love than the act of putting your whole entire hand in one.

Recommended Scene: Girl Pile

Skin Diamond Remember how we said this list of performers included ladies who'd be knee deep in pussy even without a camera tracking their every move? Well, for several years Skin Diamond was paired up with Asphyxia Noir off camera as well as on, continuing the porno party long after the crew had gone home. We can only imagine what their off camera sex life might have been like – well, and get a pretty good idea of it from the on camera sex they shot for multiple porn projects (including a rather intimate scene for Girlfriends Films that opens with a touching discussion of how the two got together in the first place).

Recommended Scenes: SkinKimberly Kane's Been BlackmaledLesbian Sex 3

Courtney Trouble In addition to being the director behind the aforementioned "Girl Pile," Courtney Trouble also pioneered the genre of lesbian BBW films with her "Lesbian Curves" series, which shows that the only thing better than a whole lotta lady is a whole lotta lady on lady. Not surprisingly, Trouble's talents extend far beyond the documentation of plus size pussy loving to the full on practice of it: in multiple scenes, she shows off a serious talent for pussy pleasuring, bringing costars to the heights of pleasure the way only a true San Francisco queer can.

Recommended Scene: Lesbian Curves 2 - Hard Femme

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