Marital Aid Test Kitchen--Aneros Tempo Unisex Anal Stimulator

January 27, 2015 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown


This is the Aneros Tempo Unisex Anal Stimulator.  It's made of pretty, polished stainless steel and as with all anal toys, you should have some lube handy when you decide it's time to play with this beauty.  The Tempo is designed to use your sphincter muscles' natural rhythm to make the toy quiver during use and oh, it does that.  You will want to warm this with warm water to make sure it is good and clean and ready for your ass or the ass of your lucky partner.  In a man's ass, you can use this for prostate milking play to get him dripping every last bit of cum out of him.  In a woman's ass, a man can feel it while he is penetrating her butt and it is a fine anal warmup toy, even if you aren't going to go for the quiver that is possible from this with some practice.


The packaging for the Tempo is really quite plush, making it an easy item to introduce into your sexual doings.  Relax beforehand, make sure that your kegels are on point, ladies.  Enjoy the sensation of this warm, hard metal underneath your vaginal walls.  There are so many nerve endings in your asshole that can be reached with this sweetheart of a toy.

The Aneros Tempo Unisex Anal Stimulator retails for $69.95 and you can pick up your own by clicking here!


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