Allison Williams Pretend Got Her Ass Eaten Out On Last Night's 'Girls'

January 12, 2015 | Posted in Celebrity by l-l-skelton


While most of America was tuned into the mediocre at best Golden Globes, others had their eyes glazed over at HBO. Last night, Girls returned for it's fourth (and I'm sure controversial) season. In the show's opening moments, we're greeted to a scene uncommon in mainstream...anything. Marnie (Allison Williams) was getting her ass eaten out by her boyfriend. That's where poop comes out! 

Now, for you and me and any other adult, this is no big deal. Analingus (tech term) is awesome. Probably done more frequently than we think. It shouldn't be risque but there it was, on a show that's not a stranger to showing sex acts we're not used to seeing on a mainstream show.

But was it real? Allison has never gone nude on the show. But did she say yes to having an actor bury his face in her Ivy League-educated ass and lick her butthole?


Nah. Smoke, mirrors and the "magic" of TV. Take it away, Allison:

I had a couple of days talking to wardrobe and makeup to get ready to rig the thing that I wore for the ass motorboating. It was an engineering achievement! I would manufacture it if more than one person a year needed it. [Laughs] It was so elaborate—it involved Spanx that we cut away and glued down and involved menstrual pads and two of those weird thongs. I've had to do scenes like this twice now.

Should have gone method.

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