Wet and Wild: Our Favorite Pornstar Squirters

January 14, 2015 | Posted in Hardcore by lux-alptraum

nullLast week's sex news included a study suggesting that squirting could just be made up of liquid generated in the bladder – meaning, yes, some people are saying it's all just a bunch of pee. Now, we're rather familiar with both urination and female ejaculation, and in our experience, they're really rather different. But hey, if science says that the liquid is still coming from the bladder, who are we to argue? All we know is, no matter the source, watching women get so turned on they erupt in a fountain of fluid is one of our favorite ways to spend an afternoon – and we've got a few performers who really know how to burst forth in a joyous explosion of delight.

Of course, these are just our personal favorites when it comes to squirting, and you might have your own. So if you feel we've missed a lovely lady – or forgotten to mention a super choice squirting scene – just let us know in the comments. The more squirters the merrier, right? (We definitely know that the more squirters, the more delightfully wet and sexy mess.) 

Cytherea You can't have a list of squirters without mentioning Cytherea. The original Squirtwoman, Cytherea's one of the main reasons why female ejaculation's as popular as it is in porn today. And even though many gushers (and other Squirtwomen) have followed in her her soaking wet footsteps, it's hard to feel as though anyone else has ever quite lived up to her pioneering pussy performances. (Also, for the unaware – though she did retire for a bit, Cytherea is back in the business. Saints be praised!

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Jiz Lee We'd ask who put the jizz in Jiz Lee, but the truth is that it's way more often that the jizz is coming out of this delightful genderqueer performer. Not surprisingly, Lee's porn name was inspired by their propensity for gushing, overflowing orgasms – which have been known to soak a few sheets during their time in the industry. For those who fear that porn squirting might actually be faked, never fear here: a product of the queer porn industry, Jiz is known for keeping it real, and the gush involved in their scenes is entirely authentic.

Recommended Scenes: The Crash Pad Series #1, Belladonna's Strapped Dykes 

Jada Fire As we said above, Cytherea left some pretty difficult (and soaking wet) shoes to fill when she hung up her Squirtwoman game – but we think Jada Fire did a damn good job taking on the mantle of gushing girl. Beyond her sheer ability to produce enviable amounts of orgasmic fluid, there's the genuine joy that Jada Fire brings to porn performing that has always made her a joy to watch. Also, in an industry known for shortlived careers, it's always awesome to see someone still working hard (so to speak) over a decade into her career. Maybe all that squirting helped her glide through the more difficult times in her career?

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Annie Cruz Though not as big a name as some of her squirting peers, Annie Cruz is well known to anyone who likes their female orgasms to come with a fountain – especially those who like that gush to come with a side of kink, to boot. Frequently featured in more edgy scenes, Cruz is a nice reminder that authentic female pleasure comes in a whole host of flavors – and we happen to be fans of the form that involves her authentically experiencing female sexual pleasure all over Sasha Grey's face.

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Bonnie Rotten Is there anything Bonnie Rotten can't do? This darling of the modern porn industry burst onto the scene with "Meet Bonnie," a no holds barred fuck fest featuring anal, DP, and ATM (and that was, again, her very first film). Over her years in the industry, she's honed her craft and learned how to squirt – and though she may be a taught squirter rather than a born one, she's developed her talents well enough to currently hold the title of Squirtwoman. We'd hold Bonnie up as a model of inspiration for any woman who worries that squirting just isn't going to happen for her – but then again, just because Bonnie Rotten managed to learn to squirt with aggressive abandon, that doesn't necessarily mean ordinary ladies will be able to as well. (There are, after all, quite a few things that Bonnie Rotten does that are out of the realm of possibility for most of us mortals.) So, hey, let's all just be grateful Bonnie learned to squirt... and that she's ever so happy to do it over and over and over again for our viewing pleasure.

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