Ileana Huxley and Shanola Hampton Topless In 'Shameless' Season Premiere

January 9, 2015 | Posted in Celebrity by l-l-skelton


Shameless kicks off it's 5th season Sunday on Showtime. It's one of my favorite shows on TV. The Gallagher family, in my humble opinion, mirrors the REAL, average American family. Poor, street smart and doing whatever necessary to survive. None of this Huxtable/Tanner/Dunphy horseshit. The show literally hits a little too close to home for me, since it's set in a crappy Chicago neighborhood and the dad (Golden Globe nominee William H. Macy) is a complete, deadbeat scumbag. Except my dad's hi-jinks and schemes weren't nearly as funny as Frank's. And his taste in beer wasn't as good. This is getting way too personal.

Another reason I love this show so much is that it's never shy about showing some T and A, usually courtesy of the beautiful Emmy Rossum.  It seemed liked she was naked almost every episode at on point. That's slowed a little. Probably wants more press for her acting and singing than her awesome body. Disappointing but totally understandable. Thankfully, hot co-stars like the also never shy Shanola Hampton and newbie Ileana Huxley can pick up the slack. They each go topless at various points in the premiere. Hampton, who plays Veronica, is second only to Rossum when it comes to nudity count during the show's run. Hopefully, this is just a taste of what's sure to be an awesome and sexy season on the South Side. 

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