Twenty Questions with Director/Male Performer of the Year Nominee Mick Blue

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Director/AVN Male Performer of the Year nominee Mick Blue always fucks and shoots with a true passion and he is absolutely reliable in every sense.  His scenes are always excellent--he makes the women he's with look insanely great while he gives them nothing but pleasure. Behind the camera, those erotic ethics hold true.  His wife, AVN Female Performer of the Year Anikka Albrite is the sun in his universe and the two of them won the AVN Award for Best Anal Scene for their scene in Hard X's "Anikka" directed by Mason.  Here are his answers to twenty questions.  

1) What kind of guy were you back in high school in Austria? Who did you hang out with/date?

In Austria, I was a very normal guy with a big sex drive :-). I started masturbating at age 12, and ever since I started, I couldn't stop. It was even so bad that every time I came home from school, the first thing I did was masturbate before I could focus on homework :-). When it came to girls I was more like the shy guy; unlike my best friends back in Graz, where I am from. I dated regular girls back then. Since I was 18, I was always in a steady relationship. Most of the girls I was with were from Eastern Europe.

2) Were you a porn fan before you got into the industry? Who were your favorite porn stars/favorite porn movies?

I was a huge porn fan and still am :-). I think my first porno I saw when I was 16. I rented it from a video rental store :-). I loved the old Private movies and also scenes from Rocco Siffredi and David Perry. I also loved the work from Jules Jordan. I don't remember most of the porn stars I loved to watch because it was already so long ago. Back then, the movies from Theresa Orlowski were always on the top of my list :-)

3) What do you think shaped you into the sexually strong man that we see in your porno?

I think a big part is my genetics and also my long experience in the adult industry. It feels like every year I gain more knowledge and experience. It's like a never-ending progress. Every day every woman I work with is a new wonderful journey.


4) What/who do you want to do on-camera that you haven’t done yet?

Wow, this is a really good question. Over the last 15 years I had the luck to fulfill so many of my fantasies on screen that it is really hard to find something that I still have on my to-do list.

The other day I was blessed to do the first time in my life a reverse gang bang with 5 wonderful women; and even more important, I was able to share this with my amazing wife Anikka Albrite. We all had sex for over 1 hour! The girls, Skin Diamond, Adriana Chechik, Carter Cruise, Dahlia Sky and Anikka Albrite sucked every last drop of energy out of me! I would love to this again very soon !:-).
I would love to do a scene where I gang up with a bunch of girls and team up with them on Anikka Albrite to take out every bit of energy from Anikka while we make her cum over and over again :-) She loves girls, and it's a huge pleasure for me to see her enjoy herself :-).

5) Who is your favorite female performer to work with and why?

My favorite female performer to work with is Anikka Albrite :-). We have amazing chemistry on and of set and it shows in every scene we do together. We just can't get enough of each other and every time I feel her it's like Heaven on Earth.

6) You are very active on Twitter. Tell me how reaching your fans through the internet has changed things for you.

Reaching my fans through the Internet has changed a lot. It's the first time that you can actually get direct feedback about your work from the people watching and enjoying it. I love every critique good or bad no matter what. Every feedback gives you a chance to improve your skills.

7) What’s your favorite position to fuck a woman in and why does it get you off?

My favorite position to have sex with a woman is the good old missionary. I love it when I can look into the eyes of the woman I have sex with. Also in this position it feels like you're in your own world with just the woman and you. An added bonus is if the woman also speaks German to me, like Anikka does sometimes. It makes me cum right away!


8) How did you meet your wife and what is the best/worst thing about being in the adult industry with your spouse?

I met my wife Anikka actually on a plane to San Francisco. She caught my eye when she was boarding the plan wearing her sexy jeans, red velvet heels, and a super sexy leather jacket. We didn't talk at this moment, but shortly after we sat together in the car on our way to Kink. We briefly talked with each other for a bit. Sadly we did not work together that day because we were shooting for different sites. Over the next few months we finally worked together, which was amazing. But because I was in a relationship at this time with someone else, our sexual connection was only at work. That coming AVN 2013, we were both single, and that's when I kissed her the first time off camera. It was on a Friday on the floor of the AEE and I was talking to Manuel Ferrara when Anikka came around to say hi. I wasn't even able to finish saying hi before we were magically kissing. It was like a magnetic field that was holding us together. Shortly after that we became boyfriend and girlfriend and since then we have been an item.
We are very respectful and honest to each other at all times, which is a key element to make a relationship work in our industry. Sharing is caring.

9) What is one thing you would teach another man who wanted to be a better sexual partner?

I would teach them how to have sex with a woman and setting their main goal to pleasure their woman first. If you have a happy woman you will be a very happy man.

10) What are the best things about being a porn star? How has it made your life more fulfilling?

The best things about being a pornstar is that you can have sex with all these amazing women, and also fulfill your sexual fantasies. Also, the possibility to plan your workdays as you wish is a huge freedom as well.
It made my life more fulfilling by bringing my wife Anikka and I together. She is the best thing that ever happened in my life and I am extremely thankful for that. It also gave me the possibility to travel the world. I always dreamt about that since I was a child. Nevertheless, all these wonderful women I have had sex with. It's indescribable.

11) What movies of yours would you say are ones that are “must-owns” for your fans?

My must-own movies are def:

"Meet the Fuckers" from Zero Tolerance. This was my first movie I ever directed and the girls I worked with were just outstanding.

"Anikka" and "Anikka 2" from Hard X. In both movies, I did Anika's 1st. Our anal scene in "Anikka" was just like a dream, and it won AVN award for Best Anal Sex Scene. In "Anikka 2", I did Anikka s 1st double-penetration scene, and it was even more mind blowing. It was the first time that I shared Anikka with another guy (Erik Everhard), and I must say I was very nervous, but as the scene started all I could think about was how much I wanted to pleasure Anikka and give her the day of her life. Which we did. In the end she didn't even know anymore how many orgasms she had. Also all the other scenes in her movies were outstanding. Mason is an amazing director who just knows how to get the best out of every performer.

My "DP Fanatic" and "Anal Fanatic" movies I directed under the director name Grazer for Elegant Angel are definite must-haves. It was just amazing to work with the best performers together and create those wonderful movies.

If you like POV I would say you should definitely get "Anal POV Style" from Hard X. I think to date, it's the best POV movie I've done, and once again I was so lucky to have all these great girls in.


12) How is directing for Hard X?

Directing for Hard X was a great experience and in the same time also a huge learning progress. Mason is a genius and was setting the bar very high at Hard X. I was so lucky to work with her together and create something even more special.

13) What do you remember most about performing with your wife in that AVN Award-winning anal scene in “Anikka”?

Performing with Anikka in her first AVN award-winning anal scene was a dream come true. We were looking forward to this day for so long and then finally it came around. We were both sooo nervous as I will always remember. When we finally started, it was like a dream. We just got lost in us and experienced amazing sex which was captured from Mason in a way nobody else could have done better that day. She just has this ability to give her performers to truly enjoy themselves. As we did :-).

14) What can we look forward to seeing from you in the coming months?

In January Zero Tolerance will release my first reverse gang bang. We just finished that one a few days ago. Besides that, under the label HardX we will see a lot of super hot scenes as well.

15) What is the best mainstream movie you have seen recently?

Hands down, "Interstellar". What a mind blowing movie! Maybe not even so far away from the future. We will see.

16) How about the best porno movie?

The best porn movie for me as of now is a tie between "Anikka" and "Anikka 2".


17) Do you and Anikka like to use toys in your private play at home? Any favorites?

Most of the time we don't use toys. They sometimes just get in the way :-). If we use toys we love to use the magic wand. It makes Anikka come really hard as well. Sometimes we also like to play a little around in the fetish world with sensual electro stimulation.

18) If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be?

I was never really into this whole celebrity thing. I have my own celebrity and her name is Anikka, and yes I would want to have sex with her all the time :-)

19) After all of your years in porn, is there anything you would want to do differently if you had a second chance?

In the last 15 years the only thing I would have done different would have been to start my own production earlier when the profits were much better. I also would have shortened some of my past relationships with other women because time is the most valuable thing we have and once it's past, it's gone forever.

20) Is there anything you want to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

I just wanna say how thankful I am to have you all. We live from our fans and without you guys our industry wouldn't exist. Thank you!

Also if you want to get in contact with me you can follow me on twitter @mickbluexxx and on Instagram @mickbluexxx.

All the images here appear courtesy of Hard X/Mile High Media.  All the images here are from "Anikka" and "Anikka 2".  Here's the trailer to "Anikka 2".  


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