I Don't Know About Art, But I Know What I Like: Naked Artists

September 1, 2014 | Posted in Celebrity by peterlandau

Take a few naked chicks and put them in an art gallery and you have something that generates oohs and ahs. Take those same naked chicks, doing the same nasty stuff that these babes are doing here, and you have yourself a profanity trial. It ain't right!

It's also not true. Many obscenity trials were started because of a work of art, a book or a photograph, but "Ulysses" and "Piss Christ" got nothing on "Loving Touch," a movie on Vimeo (link below) which is described on the site as "One-time show with the participation of Dorothy. Dorothy defines herself as a person, inhabited by three women: Shaman, fairy and witch."

Well, I'd like to inhabit Dorothy. Maybe they can work me into the art piece somehow, like vaginally or anally. That's art, too, you know! Don't criticize me. I'm breaking new frontiers in the art world, though, honestly, very old frontiers in the pornography world.

Neil Young once said art was the name of his dog who hung out on the porch. Very funny, Mr. Young, but I understand from the scandal press you're in the midst of divorce. Guess you'll not be getting any nookie tonight!  

Via Loving touch from Jacek Jedrzejczak on Vimeo.

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