Miley Cyrus as a Plushy Fetish Item on Cover of V Magazine

August 29, 2014 | Posted in Celebrity by peterlandau


Don't be ashamed. Admit it. You love Miley Cyrus, but you lust plush animals, the furrier the better. What if I told you there was a place where your two fetishes intersected? No, you don't have to pay me. Consider it an act of kindness. Just remember to give me a reach around when you're done.

The good dudes at Hollywood Tuna have the image from the cover of V magazine (link below), where Miley will be living the wet dream of your fantasies in a barely there furry outfit sure to make your penis take notice. The issue goes on sale at newsstands on September 10, though no where in the post was I able to find a definition for the word newsstand. Because I'm so slow that I need someone to give me the definition of something that has existed for nearly a century. Maybe it's a new browser or something. 

In an ad for the cover of the magazine, which is getting a bit confusing but try and follow me here, there is a picture of Miley completely naked. Not to inflame the recently ignited passions of the plushy fetishists out there, but Miley looks pretty hot nude. The only problem being the black-and-white image is obscured where it counts, across her chest, where a red censor bar blocks our view of Miley's goods. Good grief! 

Via Hollywood Tuna

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