Liv Tyler in a Bikini Takes You on a Permanent Vacation

August 28, 2014 | Posted in Celebrity by peterlandau


What makes a celebrity a celebrity? Many things, but I'm only interested in one thing. Liv Tyler in a bikini. Take a look. That's what makes a celebrity.

Liv is on vacation in some place called Ibiza, wherever that is, one thing for certain, it's not within the borders of my computer screen. That's the end of the world for this blogger. I know, I should get out more often, but if I do I might miss the postings by my fellow cyber-sleuths in the forum of NS4W (link below), who shared these delicious images with the world. And there's more of them if you follow the link. Your dink will thank me.

So, that's a celebrity. A celebrity is not only Liv Tyler in a bikini, it's Liv Tyler in a bikini on vacation in a paradise where bikinis are the normal clothing for people. This may sound exotic to you, as it does to me, but such places exist. However, we have to settle for images secretly taken and smuggled out from these gated communities. 

Via NS4W

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