Steampunk Striptease Is Just Like a Regular Striptease Only Steamier

August 28, 2014 | Posted in straight by peterlandau


Her name is Emily Evans, and she's a steampunk. Does that frighten you? Does the mixing up of modern and Victorian sensibilities fill you with a sense of disorientation? Good. That means you're in her carnal grip, and she's about to tighten the squeeze with a striptease that translates as hot in any era. 

If you don't believe me--and that's good, you should be skeptical in all things--then let the woman speak for herself. No, she doesn't exactly speak, at least not with her mouth, but her body is worth a thousand words and all of them are filthy. The Steampunk Striptease on Vimeo (link below) will strengthen your attachment to the genre if you're already a fan and definitely win over new converts if you're not. 

For we must understand that behind the facade of our particular interests lies the naked lust which fuels them all in common. It is naked where we have nothing to hide, at least nothing I'd care to know about. Call me simple, call me superficial, but I'll take a naked lady over a clothed one any day. Is that bad? Only when she's very good. 

Via Emily Evans - Steampunk Striptease from HungryEye on Vimeo.

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