WTF! Glamour Magazine Says Lots of Women Like Getting Pretend-Choked in Bed

August 20, 2014 | Posted in Editorial Features by humbert-incandenza


That damn Fifty Shades of Grey book has done a lot to help heat up the bedroom across the world. From bondage to Ben Wa Balls, the trashy romance novel has introduced women and their partners to a whole new world of adventurous and creative sex. And that’s a good thing, especially if your gal has read the book that launched a ton of orgasms.


According to Glamour Magazine (link below), the Fifty Shades phenomena has women embracing “light asphyxiation” in the bedroom. You hear that Chris Brown? The key word is “light”.


I guess many women are thrilled by a man taking complete control in the bedroom, and a light squeeze around your woman’s neck while your jabbing your penis in and out of her goes a long way. Now before any of you readers out there start choking your woman tonight during intercourse, it might be best if you get the head’s up from her before you give you take a walk on the wild side. She’ll probably really appreciate the warning.

Via: Glamour  

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