Dana DeArmond and Sarah Shevon Are Anal Academics in "Fetish Fanatic" for Belladonna/Evil Angel

July 17, 2014 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Dana DeArmond and Sarah Shevon are paired by director Aiden Riley here in this clip from Belladonna Entertainment/Evil Angel's "Fetish Fanatic 14" and wisely so.  They are both seasoned perverts with complete obsessions about all things involving their buttholes.  In this scene, Shevon demonstrates her prolapse.  DeArmond is fascinated by Shevon's prolapse and sniffs it and licks it, loving Shevon's red guts and the way they are expressed from Shevon's small butthole.  

Yeah, this scene is not for everyone but if it is your thing, oh, you will love it.  

In this clip, DeArmond shows how she is working towards her own eventual prolapse and Shevon helps her on her way there with a metal toy used for G-spot play, usually and her expert fingers.  DeArmond suggests that Shevon should write a book on how to be a "dirty prolapsing anal whore" and I think that's a great idea.  It could not be any worse of a read than that Fifty Shades of Grey bullshit.  I would read Dr. Shevon's book and keep the book on my coffee table for easy access so I can reference it in all situations.  It would be handy.  Write that book, Shevon!


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