James Deen Name Checks Fleshbot On His AMA

June 26, 2014 | Posted in Pornstars by tucker-bankshot


As we reported yesterday, James Deen had his scheduled Reddit AMA last night, made some revelations, and name checked fleshbot!


Do you actively try to make your movies "female-friendly" in a way that doesn't involve cheesy saxophone music and dim lighting? I know many women who almost exclusively watch scenes with you in them.

Also, Have you and Stoya ever made your silicone genitals have sex?


nope. i just make porno. i actually make movies for me based on what i wanna see. i literally go in with zero regards to who my audience will be.

yes. check fleshbot.com

 He also admits to jerking off to himself...


What porn do you most enjoy yourself? Have you ever rubbed one out to that handsome fucker James Deen?


hahahaha i actually have. i edit a lot of my own movies and i shoot the type of stuff i want to see so every now and then it get's awkward in the editing bay

He also tried to put the Farrah Abraham saga to rest once and for all...


Question about Farrah. Did you expect the backlash involved in that shoot? Was she hesitant to do it? Would you do it again?


i kinda did. looking back it was obvious. i kept all the phone calls with vivid and the emails and texts and never signed a NDA so i have no restriction in any way or worry about what is true or anything

she was not hesitant. she and the company had a well negotiated deal before i ever met her.

i don't think i would.

You can read the entire AMA archived right here.

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