Fleshbot's Friday Five: Siri

June 20, 2014 | Posted in Pornstars by lux-alptraum

nullIn a little over two years, Siri has gone from new girl on the (porn) block to one of the internet's favorite pornstars – and with her kick ass curves and unbelievable natural breasts, is there really any question why? Like a hentai character come to life, Siri has harnessed the powers of her body to make all our dreams come true. Well, at least the ones that involve Siri getting the living bejesus fucked out of her. (Which, funny enough, happens to be prominently featured in most of them.)

If you're not familiar with the story of how Siri got into porn, we highly recommend taking a trip over to the field guide we wrote on her back in December 2012, which retells the tale quite nicely (for those too lazy to click that link, the short version was that she decided she wanted to do porn at 19 in her first semester of college, but waited to take the leap for another four years, by which time she had finished school and along the way met her incredibly supportive husband). And if you're curious to know the answers to a whole bunch of questions about her personal and work life, we suggest you mosey on over to the Reddit IAmA she did five months ago. And if you want some suggestions as to hot porn scenes she's shot... well, you might want to just keep on reading.

StackedLet's start at the top: not only is "Stacked" directed by the legendary Mason, it also teams Siri with award winning woodsman Manuel Ferrara, a pairing that resulted in a scene that Siri herself has listed as her favorite. What makes it that good? It could be the insane chemistry between these two top tier performers, or it could be the excellent amount of time devoted to savoring Siri's breasts, or it could be the way Siri gets sprayed with water in a one woman wet t-shirt contest (minus the t-shirt). Or it could be all of that... actually, yes, we're pretty sure that it's all of that.

Lex's Breast Fest 2Given her lust for life (and lust), we'd have expected Siri to taste all the flavors of the porno rainbow fairly early on in her career – but for some unknown reason, it took almost two years for her to explore the taste of dark meat. But once Siri finally dove in and savored the joys of interracial relations, well, let's just say this scene was well worth the wait. Lexington Steele fucks Siri for all she's worth... and friends, let us just remind you that Siri is worth a lot.

Luscious Lesbians: Siri Loves SovereignFun fact: before she met her husband, Siri was actually in a three yearlesbian relationship -- which could very well explain why she displays so much talent at sapphic sex (the girl has had years of practice, guys). Though it's hard to pick a favorite out of her many girl/girl scenes, we're particularly fond of the one she did with fellow crush object and lady lover Sovereign Syre. What can we say? When two girls who love eating pussy get together to bang each other on camera, something seriously magic happens. In our pants. And in their pants too. (Or do we mean out of their pants? We're getting a little confused here.)

From Both EndsWhat's the one thing better than Siri getting a dick in the mouth or the pussy? Siri getting a dick in the mouth and the pussy... at the same time. As the title "From Both Ends" suggests, this film features Siri paired with Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar, who get our girl nice and oiled up before making her the meat in one very delicious sandwich. If you thought watching Siri bouncing on a dick was good, wait til you get a peek at her bouncing on a dick with some meat in her mouth. Trust us when we tell you that it's a sight to really behold.

These Things We DoIf you've ever happened to make your way to Siri's Clips4Sale store, you know that she's turned on by a whole lot of kinky stuff (if you can dream it, she can do it – and we do mean that pretty literally, since this is a Clips4Sale store we're talking about). So it's not surprising that another one of her favorite scenes is also one of her craziest. As she told AdultDVDTalk, "The sex was good but it’s mostly burned into my mind for how crazy it was. Throwing chips around and fucking me with a drill-do. He fucked Dahlia in her butt with it! That thing was so intense that I don’t even think I could take that in my butt!" Siri, you had us at drill-do. Or maybe you had us at throwing chips around? Whatever you had us at, this scene is pretty damn amazing.

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