Chanel Preston Straps It On for Joey Silvera/Evil Angel's "Strap Attack 18"

June 19, 2014 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown


Chanel Preston is fucking beautiful.  She is talented and smart and pretty and funny and here in Joey Silvera/Evil Angel's "Strap Attack 18", Preston is a princess.  She is a fucking princess and I don't recommend that you forget that.  Robert Christian doesn't forget that but the dong she drives into his asshole is probably why his memory is so keen on the topic of her royalty.  Preston is a considerate princess and she strokes Christian's cock as she rams his rectum with her pretty pink princess wang.  She even caresses his plebian ball sack! Preston is truly the people's princess.

All Preston cares about is filling up Christian's asshole with her big fake dick so it is Christian who puts her tiara back on when it has fallen off of her royal head from all the thrusting she has done.  That is how well loved a leader and sodomizer of men's asses that she is. Christian is great at keeping his legs nice and wide so that we can see all of the rectal good times that Preston is giving him.

Yep, Preston is loved by her subjects.  I now love her too.  Go watch the whole scene and fall in love with this princess.  


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