Shagging Stories In The Name Of Science

May 28, 2014 | Posted in Editorial Features by seasideslut


If you've ever enjoyed visiting the secret-sharing phenomenon Postsecret, you'll understand the appeal of a facility that allows you to anonymously write or read about things you wouldn't often discuss in polite company. Anonymity can free people of the pressure to behave themselves, for good or bad, as many of us will have witnessed when using the internet. 

Different communities consider different behaviour acceptable. I'm lucky enough to live somewhere tolerant and diverse, and I take great pleasure in telling anyone who'll listen about my filthy habits, on my sex blog and indeed in person. Others aren't so fortunate (or brazen). Happily, the internet wants to hear your stories, in the name of science - specifically, the ones about when you had yourself some sex. Aside from the titillating thrill of hearing about people's misdemeanours, you get to reassure yourself that other people are most likely thinking, feeling and experiencing similar things to you. So take off your pants and get typing.

The Casual Sex Project is run by psychologist and sex researcher Zhana Vranglova. It has an anonymous submission form for you to post about your sexual escapades of a casual nature, and stories are encouraged from people of any orientation, age, race or background. Results are posted on the site for browsing and also form part of Dr Zhana's research into anecdotal experiences of people all round the world. 

The Kinsey Institute, internationally renowned organisation for advancing sexual health and knowledge worldwide, have a regularly updated page with opportunities to get involved in research (usually through online surveys). They also have their own app for Android/iPhone for the recording of anonymous data and free podcasts where you can submit questions to the sexual health experts.

Fancy recording your achievements because you've got so many bedpost notches you can't keep track? Or perhaps you'd simply like to see if there are any patterns in your sexual habits, to better hone your technique. Spreadsheets is an app that monitors your sexual performance to provide statistical and historical feedback and allows you to keep a record of your encounters. The data it generates is only for you though, it doesn't get shared online (unless you decide to send screenshots to your mates, but that would just be bragging ;) ). 

Prefer a more passive role? Maybe have a watch of brilliant TV series Masters of Sex, which stars Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen as 1950s sex researchers Virginia Johnson and William Masters - new season starts in July.

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