Spartacus Without the Nudity? Syfy for Shame!

May 27, 2014 | Posted in Celebrity by peterlandau


We'd rather not live at all than live in a world where nudity was censored from our broadcast entertainment, but that's just what the cable station Syfy has in mind when it will air the nudity-laden "Spartacus" minus the nudity, which will just leave us laden. 

But that's just what the Backlot reports (link below). "Are we ready for a neutered Spartacus?" it asks. "A big part of the appeal of the show (along with the spectacle, ultra-violence, and glorious lunacy) was the no-holes holds-barred sex and nudity, and can it possibly make the same kind of impact with new viewers if they’re denied this integral ingredient?"

Right! It would be like serving a hot dog without the mustard.

The site goes on to say, "But I’ve seen enough Syfy to know that they’ll find a way to work this to their advantage. They never miss an opportunity to plug their other products, even at the most inappropriate times (I don’t need to see an ad for Defiance obscuring my Steve Jinks, thank you), and I can just imagine the subtle ways they’ll use Spartacus."

Yeah, whatever, just give us back our skin. 

Via The Backlot

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