Meaty, Beaty, Large, and Lusty: German Photo Exhibit Bares BBWs in the Artful Buff

May 8, 2014 | Posted in Editorial Features by mcbeardo

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German photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten's "Unadorned" project reinvents luscious historical art classics with sumptuously plus-sized nude models.

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Thin wasn't always the only acceptable version of "in", as you can be informed any devotee of historic figure studies and/or any horndog who nurtured his or her titanic-proportioned turn-ons after the volcanically voluptuous forms of vintage burlesque stars and Russ Meyer mam-azons.

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Now German photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten is upending the art world with "Unadorned", an exhibit of her work in which naked models of glowingly gorgeous girth flaunt their generous flesh in robust recreations of the sort of art work that, for centuries, inspired audiences to electrifying arousal and embodied humanity's happiest (and horniest) lust for life.

As Fullerton-Batten declares in the show's official manifesto:

"Throughout most of the last few millennia, the most sought-after female forms were represented by curvaceous bodies and in Rubens' case of outright corpulence. It is only in very recent times, since Twiggy and Barbie came to the fore in the 1960s, that our narcissistic society reinforced by the media and advertising now interprets the ideal figure to be ultra-thin, enhanced by eating disorders and plastic surgery."

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Although buying into the exclusive notion that "real women have curves" is as exclusionary, limiting, and outright stupid as only acknowledging the sex appeal of the slender and petite (life's carnal banquet is not an either/or choice between the Stoya and April Flores tables, folks; let alone Ms. Mara Mayhem or Mistress Xena), Fleshbot applauds with its one free hand any and every effort to highlight and promote underutilized/overlooked aspects of human beauty and inherent eroticism.

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Plus, if the worship hurled in these parts of late toward Scarlet LaVey, Marilyn Mayson, and their bodacious ilk should make plain: we'll always be giddily pushin' to see more overstuffed naked lady cushions.

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