Throwback Thursday--Let's Hear It for Amber Lynn!

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AmberLynnSuzeAmber Lynn was, at one point, one of the hottest female performers the porn industry had going for it. Lynn--the sister of male performer Buck Adams--entered the adult industry after viewing the success of her dear friend Ginger Lynn and deciding to carve herself off a piece of that. She had already been a hot number who was winning bikini and fitness model contests.

Of making her first movie, Lynn told AVN in 2013, "I was a kid. I was 19, I was really not in touch with my body and didn't have a lot of sexual experience. I remember hearing this CRACK. I went to see what it was and they were shooting this scene with this woman, Tantala, who was a female dominatrix. She was a big woman, broad shoulders, with giant hair sticking up. Not particularly attractive, but there was something about her strength and her delivery. I was just completely moved by it. The crack had been the sound of a whip. I was like, WOW. I was totally turned on, I was totally intrigued, I couldn't believe that she had pinned this guy down on the floor and she strapped on a strap-on and fucked him in the ass. I was revolted in a way that was really cool. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even know people had sex like that."
Image of Amber Lynn at the 1990 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada courtesy of Dirty Bob. Buy his book "Photos of Porn Stars" here on Amazon.

The hot, young blonde went on to work for now-gone legendary shooters Bobby Hollander and John Leslie, where she met her now-gone long-time boyfriend Jamie Gillis. Lynn is in the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame for her luscious body of work while in adult. She's currently on Twitter and hosts "Amber Lynn Rock 'N' Sexxxy Uncensored on

Here she is in one of her later but still scalding MILF efforts for Wicked Pictures "The Housewives of Amber Lane". Housewives Of Amber Lane at AEBN

And please enjoy this mini-gallery of Lynn courtesy of Wicked Pictures.

Classic Lynn image courtesy of

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