Stoya Interviewed Naked by Neil Gaiman in Oyster Magazine

April 28, 2014 | Posted in Celebrity by peterlandau


If you weren't already jealous of Neil Gaiman enough, being that he's a bestselling writer, his movies have been adapted into big-budget hits and he gets to fuck Amanda Palmer, who's his wife, then get ready to commit suicide. The latest issue of Oyster magazine has a pearl of a piece, where Gaiman gets to interview porn star Stoya while she's fully nude. No word yet on whether he joined her in the buff.

The curious peepers at Peeperz turned us on to the news (link below) with a series of pictures from the exchange between Stoya and Gaiman, who claims never to have seen any of her movies, having meet her as a friend. A friend? Never seen one of her movies? That's probably Gaiman's most imaginary piece of fiction yet.

They talk about Stoya's introduction to hardcore, which she says she was not really that aware of, so she rented "Fashionistas" by John Stagliano, who was going to direct her. It made an impression. "Belladonna, who was the lead, just has the most incredible control over her anus," Stoya observed.

When she became a director, Stoya says, "It was very important to me to use grown-ass women performers who were unimpeachably in control of their sexuality and knew what they liked and didn't like."

The article ends with a softball question: "What do you think about nudity?" Don't give up your day job, Gaiman. Stoya is a good sport, though, and says, "I'm usually quite comfortable with being nude and being around nude people."

It's not exactly news, but the pictures are worth a thousand words.

Via Peeperz

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