Into The Tub With TJ Scott And A Bevy Of Beautiful Celebs

September 11, 2013 | Posted in Celebrity by lux-alptraum

ExhibitionAs far as we can tell, "Spartacus" director TJ Scott's average day goes something like this: hang out with a celebrity. Invite them into the bathroom. Draw a bath, invite them to take a nice long soak (presumably after a glass of wine or two), and then snap their photo for In the Tub, his upcoming book of, you guessed it, various celebrities in the tub.

The photos are a mix of clothed and nude, with some more explicit than others (though most veering more towards the chaste), but they're all bursting with the sense of intimacy that you only get when, well, someone allows you to snap their photo while they're in the bath. And since TJ had inside access to "Spartacus," his photos feature a lot of familiar faces from the show. And also familiar faces from some other places, too. We're not sure how Jesse Jane got involved with this project, but it's very nice to see her amidst a whole host of more mainstream celebs.

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· Above: Juliette Beaven of 8mm. See more of TJ's photos on Flickr (

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