A First Person Shooter With First Person Stripping

December 15, 2011 | Posted in straight by lux-alptraum

There are lots of video games that afford you the opportunity to ogle buxom, spandex-clad, gun toting beauties—but unless you install a mod (or happen to live in Japan), most of those games don't actually let you see your enemy naked. But in the unwieldily named "First Person Shooter Game Babe," seeing your enemy naked is the whole point.

Granted, it's not actually a video game so much as it is a nine minute video (starring the delightful Kayla-Jane Danger) that's mocked up to look like a video game; but if you play with your joystick (or double click your mouse) enough, we're pretty sure you won't know the difference.

Check out the trailer above, then head over to the Circus Hooker Smut Regime website to get a copy of your own.

· Buy First Person Shooter Game Babe (chsregime.com)

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