My Top 5 Specimens Of Modern Sexual Literature

November 7, 2011 | Posted in Pornstars by stoya

My Top 5 Specimens Of Modern Sexual LiteratureYou know the type. They're literature and they've got a lot of sex in them. They're highly sexual, but they're not exactly erotica. If we still made a big deal out of banning books they'd all be on the list...and they're all on my bookshelf.

My Top 5 Specimens Of Modern Sexual LiteratureWarren Ellis's Crooked Little Vein
Crooked Little Vein starts with a private detective who constantly stumbles into encounters with novel and bizarre sex acts. So bizarre that not only would Belladonna get an idea or two, some things might go too far.

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My Top 5 Specimens Of Modern Sexual LiteratureCharlotte Roche's Wetlands
Wetlands is more unsettling than the Marquis De Sade's work. Charlotte Roche picks up Eve Ensler's pro-sex-organ torch and runs with it into new territory that girls still rarely venture (at least openly) much less wallow in.

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My Top 5 Specimens Of Modern Sexual LiteratureChad Kultgen's Men, Women & Children
Chad's third novel is an exquisitely accurate portrayal of sex and relationships in the American suburbs. Also, he put me in his book and put a quote from me on the back. I may be slightly biased.

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My Top 5 Specimens Of Modern Sexual LiteratureNicholson Baker's House of Holes
Nicholson Baker amazed me with his ability to write 272 pages on sex (which requires extensive discussion of sexual organs) without once seeming repetitive in his genital adjectives.

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My Top 5 Specimens Of Modern Sexual LiteratureSupervert's Necrophilia Variations
The creator of elaborates on the concept of la petite mort—the French metaphor for orgasm—with an enchanting little book which is hard to put down. The most awesome thing about not being able
to put Necrophilia Variations down is the fact that nobody on the subway wants to sit next to you if they read the cover.

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