"Hot Sex": A Coffee Table Book For When You Want To Have Sex On The Coffee Table

October 14, 2011 | Posted in Editorial Features by gram-ponante

"Hot Sex": A Coffee Table Book For When You Want To Have Sex On The Coffee TableWe look with jaundiced eye (we probably should get that checked) on sex instruction books. Do we really deserve to be that happy? etc. But "Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight!" puts us in a piledriver mood.

Written and compiled by our friends Jamye Waxman and Emily Morse, "Hot Sex" is cheerful without being superficial, and packed with illustrations of glabrous, rotoscoped men softcore-ing their glabrous, trim, rotoscoped girlfriends. Not like "The Joy of Sex," which appears to have pictographically followed the sexual escapades of Blue Oyster Cult.

"We don't expect you to try all of these positions tonight," said Morse at last night's L.A. book launch at Freddy & Eddy. "But you can try some of them tonight."

Much of the positions are on the price fixe menu for ennui-laden Fleshbot readers, but that's not the point. Says Waxman, "The positions are more about reigniting intimacy...that's why eye contact is so important."

Yet there is no eye contact in the pile driver, a position Waxman acknowledges is a "porn move that, if you're in shape, can be interesting for about 30 seconds." Still, the cooperation required for your female partner to arrange herself in a sort of techno-font "A" while you bend your erect penis at 180 degrees of where it wants to go while you squat atop her is a great icebreaker for that conversation about the mortgage.

"Hot Sex" is an engaging read for couples who have their hearts in the right place, even if their parts are somewhere they didn't expect.

· Emily Morse (emilymorse.com)
· Jamye Waxman (jamyewaxman.com)
· Freddy And Eddy (freddyandeddy.com)
· Buy "Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight!" (amazon.com)

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