Meet BaDoink!

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More than a mere porn site, BaDoink ( is a software application offering adult surfers an entertainment experience that is truly unique, an entertainment experience that uses technology to unchain subscribers from their computers, allowing them to enjoy their porn from just about anywhere.

Meet BaDoink!

Now before sizing up its technological assets, it's important to dwell a moment on the content itself. After all, technological wizardry may often prove seminal, but in a vacuum, it rarely inspires a proper erection.

Thankfully, in this area, BaDoink, and its 12,000+ DVDs crossing every conceivable niche, does not disappoint.

After logging into BaDoink for the first time, subscribers are encouraged to install the proprietary Ultra's software interface. Ultra is free with every subscription, compatible with Mac & PC, and once installed, subscribers need never log into the website again.

Note: Subscribers aren't required to install the Ultra interface. All the video content is accessible online through the website, too.

But do it. You'll be glad you did. Read on, and you'll learn why.


The Ultra UI takes queues from Apple's ubiquitous iTunes interface. As with iTunes, all content is accessible, navigable and playable within the interface. This imparts immediate privacy advantages over typical porn sites. With BaDoink, all searches are performed within the password-protected interface, and not through a browser that may be shared with family members.


BaDoink includes an idiot-proof media server which allows subscribers to wirelessly stream videos they've downloaded to any DLNA-enabled TV in the house, or through an Xbox 360, PSP or PlayStation 3 game system. The Media Server also supports on-the-fly transcoding so you can even stream Flash videos.


For the collector, Ultra boasts a DVD burning application that's easy to use and codec-agnostic. Simply launch the application, select the videos you'd like to burn, and in a matter of minutes you have a compilation that will play on any set-top DVD player in the world.


For subscribers who are frequently on the go, there‚ BaDoink's file transcoder. It converts batches of videos into file formats compatible with any mobile device. Just select the videos you'll need for your trip, click Convert and you'll be ready to go before the bags are packed.


BaDoink integrates with iTunes as well. Just press the iTunes Export button, and the videos you choose are immediately transferred to iTunes and viewable through any iOS device including the Apple TV


Type into your mobile and you'll be redirected automatically to The mobile site contains every video available in the Ultra interface, and all subscribers are afforded unlimited access.


BaDoink has an iPad version as well. Like the mobile site, contains all the videos available in Ultra, but with a UI optimized for the iPad.


So visit and emancipate yourself from desktop slavery! Experience the future of online entertainment. It's free to join and we promise you‚ never look at porn the same way‚ or from the same location‚gain!

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