Jiz Lee: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!

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Jiz Lee: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!It's not just Friday, it's the Friday of Pride Weekend! Therefore, we feel like showing you five of our favorite scenes from one of the most prolific genderqueer pornstars: Jiz Lee. We hope you're as excited as we are!

Because as excited as we are about Jiz's glorious future, we're equally stoked to reflect on their glorious past works. They've been in the game for about five years, and we've loved every moment (heck, we've even gotten to be there for some extra special times).

Jiz Lee: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!
1. The Crash Pad: This movie helped launch Jiz Lee's porn career, and in turn, they gave so much heat and intensity to "Crash Pad" that one movie turned into a series with over 100 episodes! Jiz has two great scenes in this movie: the first is a threesome with Jo and Dylan Ryan and the second is a wrestling/squirting scene with Shawn. This movie was honored by the Feminist Porn Awards for having the Best Dyke Sex Scene of 2006, and five years later, it's still one of the finest films around.

Jiz Lee: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!
2. Belladonna's Strapped Dykes: Again, we can't pick just one Jiz scene from this movie because they're in three (that's right, three) equally bodacious scenes. They get smothered by Belladonna, they fuck the bejesus out of April Flores, and I believe Sinn Sage spanks Jiz with a dildo during a threesome with Syd Blakovich. The XCritic review sums up this movie better than we ever could:

"If you are at all aroused by two chicks getting it on, watch this. If you think girl-girl porn is hot, watch this. If you think girl-girl porn is boring, watch this. If you think girl-girl porn is soft-focus bullshit, watch this."

Jiz Lee: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!
3. Her Little Secret: Triangle Films brings you the story of some drama between Lily LaBeau and Andy San Dimas. It's a lovely tale, but we're more interested in the opening scene, during which Jiz Lee makes Dana DeArmond come her brains out. What starts out with poolside flirting ends with such determined fingering that you can see the performers' biceps flexing from each thrust. Kathryn Annelle's vision is always lovely, and "Her Little Secret" is no exception.

Jiz Lee: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!
4. Sinderella & Me: I like this scene so much that I don't even know what to type. Dylan Ryan and Jiz Lee toy with Wolf Hudson while forcing Allie Haze to watch, but once the girl is kicked out, Wolf Hudson starts fucking and slurping with as much gusto as his captors. Why is this stuff so magnificent? Because these three performers have infinite amounts of respect and admiration for each other, both on camera and off. This is the tastiest genderqueer sandwich ever conceived by mortals.

Jiz Lee: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!
5. Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex 3: Adrianna's Dangerous Mind: This movie is all about Adrianna Nicole's dirtiest fantasies being fulfilled, and the whole dressing up like David Bowie thing is perfect for Jiz. They provide the perfect combination of class and calamity that this movie needs for its first scene. Come to think of it, Jiz opens a lot of the movies they're in! That's what you'd call putting your best foot forward (not that we're calling Jiz a foot; we bet they'd be some other equally sensory though less reputably stinky body part).

· Photo by Nikola Tamindzic (homeofthevain.com)

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