Everything You Need To Know About Lacey Banghard

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Everything You Need To Know About Lacey BanghardU.K. Sun had a contest to find their newest Page 3 Idol, and a beautiful, eighteen-year-old lass by the name of Lacey Banghard won the title. Yes, that's her real name. We're sure you have other questions as well.

For example: Who is Lacey Banghard? Lacey is a half-Indian eighteen year-old girl with 26GG boobs. She likes listening to Drake, Nicki Minaj, Kings of Leon, and Jessie J. She studies at Bedford College, works part-time at a call center, and plans to take classes at the London College of Fashion. Or, at least, she did before she won that contest.

How did Lacey become a Page 3 Girl? Every October, The Sun begins looking for a new hot babe with a heart of gold, and they hold a competition where naturally busty beauties send in pictures to be gawked at by fans and debated by judges. After a first round of voting, twelve finalists are selected, then the girls are whittled down to three, the fans vote, the judges judge, and a winner is chosen. We covered this briefly last year, noting how odd it was that they barely mentioned the Page 3 Girl's obligation to show her tits on the regular.

So what does a Page 3 Girl do? She appears on the third page of the The Sun Newspaper, shows off her body, and uses her platform to promote charities. Lacey plans to raise money for Help for Heroes, an organization designed to provide better facilities and care for British servicemen and women. Ideally, she'd like to start her own charity—perhaps something to raise awareness about/combat child trafficking.

Is she, like, some hot babe designed by the government or something? What? No, she seems pretty normal. Lacey wasn't always the most confident girl, but modeling has given her a new swagger. She was discovered by a modeling scout in Cyprus, and encouraged by her mother to pursue the Page 3 competition. And her massive breasts are totally natural, too. Page 3 is serious about that stuff.

Ok, really, what's with her name? When Lacey's paternal grandparents left India for England, immigration messed up their surname. She didn't say what the name used to be, but she's cool about being called Banghard. "'I've had every joke you can think of thrown at me. It doesn't happen so much now—just the odd brave guy. I'm used to it. I don't care. I've got three brothers and they love the name!'"

Is she single? Nope, she's dating a nineteen year-old roofer named Laurence. Sorry!

· Lacey Banghard wins Page 3 Idol (thesun.co.uk)
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