Lee Roy Myers: Prince of Parody, Passion, And Piledriving

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Never forget to thank the people who direct your porn. They provide a brain's worth of fap fantasies, and they do it with their clothes on. On that note, we're saying "Thank you, Lee Roy Myers," also, "what's up?"

As the parody director d'extraordinaire of New Sensations, Lee Roy Myers seems to be getting pretty comfortable busting both guts and boners with his creations. We got to have a little chat with Mr. Myers about his latest projects (such as "The Big Lebowski - A XXX Parody" and his forays into the world of couples' porn. We learned a lot.

And, before we forget: thanks, Lee Roy Myers!

At left, Lee Roy Myers. Picture courtesy of Incident Image Photography (incidentimage.com)

· New Sensations (newsensations.com)

Fleshbot: First, a bit about you: how did you end up directing porn?
Lee Roy Myers: It's a long story. And I have to start off by telling you that I never aimed to be a porn director, I just fell into it. Years ago, while I was in film school up in Canada, I was working at a restaurant to support myself. I became good friends with a waitress there and we always discussed making a website that was funny and naked. Naked News had just become popular, and we decided that shooting a naked soap opera was the key to affording fancy tropical vacation homes saving us from the cold Canuck winter. This led to an attempt at making "The Young and The Topless", which led to about 20 solo and softcore sites, all of which were being shot and marketed by me. I had very little money, no idea of how web traffic worked, and not a clue of who to turn to for either. Those sites ate up my money and time and hope of having a job involving naked people.

So, I graduated, got my start in B-Movies/Exploitation movies and then moved into mainstream Production and Acquisitions. I was successful, but bored. My last job involved buying adult movies for broadcast, which is where I met Scott, the owner of New Sensations/Digital Sin/Revolution X. We became fast friends. And when he was looking at doing a comedy, he called me and we had a conversation leading to the creation of the script for "The Office - A XXX Parody." I wrote it, sent it off to him, and left it at that… Six months later, during a meeting with him, he told me that he'd like me to shoot it, since it was my vision. Without hesitation, I said yes, and the rest is history.

Lee Roy Myers with Evan Stone and Ashlynn Brooke. Picture courtesy of New Sensations (newsensations.com)

Do you have a favorite spoof director/movie series?
I think that Mel Brooks pre- Robin Hood: Men in Tights was the genius of comedic geniuses. Woody Allen's early satires are hilarious as well. I grew up reading Mad Magazine, so I always loved parodies. But my fondest memories are of seeing Blazing Saddles, What's Up Tiger Lilly?, UHF, and This is Spinal Tap for the first time. They blew my mind. I'd never seen anything like them before. They were inspiring.

How do you do decide what to parody? Is it a matter of what's popular, shows or movies you like, or is there a more elaborate process?
All of the above, plus a weekly brainstorming session, and our elaborate process typically entails an intense game of "Eeny Meeny Miny Mo". I'm just kidding, our brainstorming session is usually bi-weekly.

Sadie West and James Deen in "The Office - A XXX Parody." Picture courtesy of New Sensations (newsensations.com)

Is it possible to make a parody out of anything? Like if you decided it was time to take a shot at "Revolutionary Road" or "The Wrestler," could you do it?
Well, my "Sophie's Choice - A XXX Parody" has been shelved, so I would have to say "yes", it's possible, but that doesn't make it good business. Seriously though, I was kidding about the "Sophie's Choice" thing.

When/how did you decide to parody "The Big Lebowski"?
After I shot "Scrubs - A XXX Parody." I had started thinking about my favorite movies and shows, and "The Big Lebowski" came up. But, because it wasn't a blockbuster movie, it was a cult classic, I kind of just left it alone. Then we released "The Sex Files - A Dark XXX Parody," and saw that movie take off because of the buzz created by the fans of the show… So, I wrote a script that parodied the movie and is an homage for fans (a.k.a. the Achievers). And, I have to say, that since we announced "The Big Lebowski - A XXX Parody," we have gotten tons of support from the Lebowski community.

You mentioned that you're holding open auditions for "Big Lebowski" parts. Have you decided on any of the cast yet?
The auditions are wrapping up as we speak. I do have much of the main cast in place already, including Tom Byron as The Dude. Still have more auditions to look at though. These auditions have been the most fun so far.

Alexis Texas and Otto Bauer in "Cheers - A XXX Parody." Picture courtesy of New Sensations (newsensations.com)

Are you familiar with the "Big Lebowski" Challenge? Have you ever done it?
Well, I do know about the Challenge, which has several different ways to play. While watching "The Big Lebowski," you sip a White Russian every time somebody says "Dude", or when The Dude sips his, or you smoke some herb when the Dude does, and others. In "The Big Lebowski - A XXX Parody Challenge," the way to play is to have sex every time somebody says "coitus" or "johnson".

We noticed on your twitter that you're gearing up to shoot a Reno 911 spoof. Can you give us details on that?
Sure can. I'm about to shoot "Reno 911 - A XXX Parody," and the script is absolutely fucking hilarious. It was written by Eddie Adams (the guy that wrote Friends - A XXX Parody), who is clearly one of the biggest fans of the show in the universe. It reads just like a hardcore version of the show. And the cast is really stoked about being in it. We've got some great impressions and look-a-likes down. And they ALL have sex!

Will the actors be doing any improv, or will you keep it scripted?
It will be a mix of both. The script is so genuinely funny that the performers will have to be on their A+ game to top it.

Kayla Paiga, Vanessa Naughty, Jordan Kingsley, and Evan Stone in "Friends - A XXX Parody." Picture courtesy of New Sensations (newsensations.com)

What, in your opinion, would make the worst parody porn ever?
I would say "C.H.U.D." or "Roots."

What was it like switching styles and doing films for New Sensations Romance?
I've already shot five of the Romance line films by New Sensations; they're aimed at couples, and especially women. It is quite the style change from the comedies I typically shoot. But I have to say, the last parody I shot before we shot An Eternal Love was "Tru - A XXX Parody," our parody of "True Blood." And it was dramatic. It was the one that forced me to start to work differently. I love shooting the Romance titles. It is a nice break from making sure a punchline hits. Even the way we go about making them is different. I always have a female writer, and there are women on set helping to make it about passion rather than pile-driving, and in post, we have all the women in the office giving notes. So, with these movies we get to try something different. So far, I really enjoy the change.

Lexi Belle and Alyssa Reece in "Who's The Boss? - A XXX Parody." Picture courtesy of New Sensations (newsensations.com)

Anything you'd like to plug?
Lee Roy Myers the App. Lee Roy Myers Crunch, the breakfast cereal. Lee Roy Myers, "My Life as a Rejected Mighty Morphin Power Ranger", the autobiography.

Seriously though, I'm just a guy with an idea of what he wants and a great crew to make it happen. I'm part of the greatest team in Porno so my plug space needs to go to the mentioning of Eddie Powell, Paul Woodcrest, Dr. Philgood, Wicked Sister, Mandizzy, Ralph Long, Brother Love, Demien, Gabrielle Annex, Glenn Alfonso, Maria, Will Bice, Marko B, Janeen, Maria Pearl, and Writers: AJ Slater ("Seinfeld - A XXX Parody," AVN Award Nom), Eddie Adams ("Friends- A XXX Parody," "Reno 911 - A XXX Parody"), Bensen Herst ("Entourage - A XXX Parody," "The Big Bang Theory - A XXX Parody"), Crystal D.Lite ("Who's The Boss - A XXX Parody"), Ashlynn Brooke ("Tru - A XXX Parody"), and Chad Lee ("Lost - A XXX Parody," "24 - A XXX Parody").

Oh and most importantly, catch all of my movies, from "The Office 2 - A XXX Parody: Best Week Ever" to "An Eternal Love" at your favorite store, online store, VOD site or at newsensations.com

Lee Roy Myers. Picture courtesy of Incident Image Photography (incidentimage.com)

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