"Christy Canyon: The Lost Footage"

May 20, 2009 | Posted in Pornstars by lank

In a sort of "Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?" kind of way, watching this 80's-era new-to-DVD video of the delightful Christy Canyon makes me yearn for the days when she was in her porn heydey. Because she has Fleshbot Supreme Commandress written all over her.

Christy Canyon: The Lost Footage

Studio: Antigua
Director: Several
Cast: Christy Canyon, Crystal Heart, Sasha Strange, Mandy Wine, Chantel, Tom Byron, Randy West, Joey Silvera, Ron Jeremy

Review by: Gram Ponante

Watching this series of 16 never-before-digitized scenes featuring Christy Canyon, it is easy to think of her existing only in the past. The cheesy 80's porno music, the hazy video, the pubes. But Canyon is just 43 today, the same age or younger than several newly-minted milves or porn performers on comeback tours. Still, these scenes from the late 80's and early 90's are time capsules, and we think: They don't make 'em like Christy Canyon anymore.

One word that describes Canyon throughout this hastily-edited movie is ripe. Curvy and ready to go, Canyon teams up with Tom Byron, Joey Silvera, a transition-period Ron Jeremy when he was halfway between his 70's debut physique and the VH-1 staple he has become, ala Marlon Brando in "Last Tango in Paris," and a sweaty Randy West who has a strenuous romp with Canyon that makes the viewer happy for both of them.

Canyon bounces between a fresh and healthy eagerness and a signature 80's coke-fueled edge in these scenes, but you never have the feeling she's gone or about to go over the edge (now a popular host on Playboy Radio and an author of the first of two volumes of autobiography, Canyon has kicked the skinny powder).

The movies from which these scenes were taken are not named, nor are Canyon's costars, but each interlude is worthwhile, and viewers are treated to Porn Valley vistas as they looked two decades ago (in one scene, Canyon thumbs a ride from a motorcyclist. "Take me to the nearesst big city!" she says, but he balks. Had the camera but panned slightly to the left, we would have seen that we were already in Los Angeles and the biker wouldn't have to drive too far for his imminent seatback blowjob).

"Christy Canyon: The Lost Footage" has a ragtag feel about it, and maybe the scavenged movies were not deemed good enough to transfer to DVD when the technology became available, but each scene clearly shows why Canyon is a beloved star in the porn firmament, and is a great jumpoff point for further Canyon scholarship.

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