Penny Flame Roughs Us Up With Her "Expert Guide To Rough Sex"

April 1, 2009 | Posted in Hardcore by lux-alptraum

If there's one thing we love (almost) as much as Penny Flame, it's gotta be rough sex. And Penny Flame plus rough sex? Well, that's like we've died and gone to pervy heaven.

We've been eagerly anticipating "Penny Flame's Expert Guide To Rough Sex" for almost a year now—ever since Penny and Tristan first announced the casting call for the project. Given our history of appreciation for the Vivid-Ed line of eduporns, and the fact that Penny Flame makes us melt, and, ahem, the fact that we enjoy a good (consensual!) roughing up... well, it's just hard to picture that this DVD could be anything less than a smashing success.

Of course, overly high expectations have gotten us in trouble before, so we tried to restrain ourselves as we pushed the DVD into our player. Our prudence turned out to be unnecessary: this film really is as good as we'd hoped.

As with all Vivid-Ed releases, this one begins with a lecture. Well, almost: right before the lecture, Penny introduces her animated helpers, Angel Penny and Devil Penny, who've been brought in to replace the overly whimsical Penny Pop-Up and Lube Fairy seen in "Penny Flame's Expert Guide To Handjobs" (you know, to show some sensitivity for the seriousness of the topic). But after that, it's on to the lecture: Penny walks us through the basics of rough sex, covering topics like communicating with your partner, picking a safe word, and—best of all, where (and how) to safely pinch, pull, slap, and smack your partner to your erotic delights. Assisting Penny in her demonstrations is a very eager (and very naked) Mia Lelani, who offers up her body as an educational tool.

Then, of course, it's on to the sex: and this is where the release really shines. The release offers three scenes (two maledom, and one femdom), where performers live out their rough sex fantasies. Intercut with the action are brief interludes of each performer explaining what, exactly, appeals to them about rough sex—and these interludes help increase the scenes' intensity: we know these people really want it rough.

The first of the three scenes features Penny Flame and Derrick Pierce. Though Penny's a fan of rough sex in her personal life, this is actually her first on-camera rough scene—and it's a really, really good one. Penny and Derrick play around with facefucking, slapping, choking, orgasm denial, and all sorts of fun D/S, and it's thrilling to watch their interchange and connection play out on screen. Okay, it's also thrilling to watch Penny get slapped around and forcefully fucked... but largely because she's just so incredibly into it.

Next we're introduced to Aiden Starr and Devin, who explore humiliation, dirty talk, and, yes, more D/S. This time, Aiden's in charge, and the roughness is more verbal than physical. Aiden orders Devin around, calling him a dog, tying him up, and turning him into her sex slave for a delicious femdom scene.

Mark Davis and Lexi Belle are featured in the final—and most intense—scene. Mark, an experienced player, dominates Lexi, ordering her around and pushing her boundaries, seeing how far she can go before she reaches her limits. It's this scene that has one of the best "teachable moments"—at a particularly intense point, Mark slaps Lexi across the face, which ends up being more than she can take. This leads in to Mark checking in with Lexi, and making sure that she's okay (and okay with continuing), before the two continue playing. It's a nice demonstration of the continuous communication that's an integral part of rough sex—and of the fact that just because someone's reached their limit, it doesn't mean that the entire scene has to be ruined.

All in all, it's an excellent release—though there was one thing we found a little troubling. Though the release limits its discussion of choking to a few voiceovers warning the viewer about the dangers of the practice (and rightly so—there's no such thing as "safe" choking), the performer testimonials are peppered with statements about how great choking is. Granted, the testimonials are intended to depict real life rough sex experiences, and in real life, people choke and experiment with breath play—caution be damned!—but it's an odd juxtaposition to see in an educational release.

[EDIT: Turns out there is an entire mini-feature on the DVD on erotic asphyxiation, which we missed out on cause we had a pre-release copy. Tristan says it's full of talk about risk, risk reduction, and even demonstrations of techniques. Which definitely puts our mind at ease.]

"Penny Flame's Expert Guide To Rough Sex" is a great release for any couple looking to get into rough play—or anyone at all interested in watching some hot, rough sex porn. We've got our fingers crossed that Penny and Tristan are planning a second edition of this expert guide—we'd love to see Penny & co. tackle more advanced rough sex techniques, exploring incorporating toys, tools, and maybe even role play to heighten the experience.

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