Sex Blog Roundup: March Madness

March 13, 2009 | Posted in Pornstars by madelineglass

When visions of college basketball tournament brackets dance in your head, it must be March. When bondage play, caning and hardcore, slutty blowjobs explode onto your monitor, it must be Friday's Sex Blog Roundup.

Ok, we know that DVRs have really revolutionized the world of the sports fan: You can do your own play reviews (or, you know, watch the cheerleaders jumping and kicking in super slow-mo—come on, we all do it) right from your couch. Call a timeout from imagining all the ponytailed gals with their ankles behind their ears and take a look at this week's best sex writing on the web: It's tender, it's dirty, it's naughty—and it's got us all excited for the big dance.

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My First Scene (By A Girl and Her Pen)

I know we are going to a dungeon.
My first time.

We arrive to the beautiful house in the backwoods, where the front yard is filled with cars. I can barely move. I'm new to this lifestyle. I've never come out about it before, never called him Sir in public until tonight.

-The Beautiful Kind



Again the door opened. I was told to spread wide as he knelt behind me. The blanket was folded back again and thrown over my head. He grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him, the carpet burning beneath me. I felt his lubed cock press against me. He plunged into me, fucking me like his pleasure object.

-At Longing's End


catch me

He cups his balls with his free hand; i take him deeper. His fingers move to the back of my head and i begin a slow rhythm, my hand replacing his at the base of his cock. My saliva flows across my fingers, my thumb pressed along the underside of his shaft; i can feel the slide of thumbnail into my mouth at every sweep of my lips.



In Which the New Year SuddenlyDoesn't Look so Bad

I sighed with pleasure and stroked my mouth along his silky skin. "Suck that cock, Lily," he said again. I think I got a little wetter just hearing my name. "Good girl." At that I felt the walls of my pussy start to clench in excitement, and I slipped my mouth around as much of him as I could manage and sucked it long and slow. "You're such a slut!" Jed sounded pleased. I smiled into his thighs.

-Living Somewhat Dangerously


Unintended Ends

"I wish I had your cock in my mouth," I purr in his ear, "Too bad it's such a public area." I pull back and give a faux-innocent blink capped off with a truly evil grin, raking my nails over his hard, confined cock through the protective fabric of his jeans. I bite my lip and look up at him again—transformed from vixen to virgin in an instant.

-The Seduction of Infidelity


Canings (and a whip!)

He was going to give me six with each, three from each side. He started with the thinner one. Standing on my right, tapping out the stroke, letting the anticipation build, then pulling back and delivering a stinging stroke... letting me catch my breath before tapping out the next one. Then moving to my left side, to balance everything out. After the fourth one, I asked for a couple of extra seconds to recover. I was breathing deeper, louder, each stroke exploding in waves of pain and pleasure.

-The Secret Life of Librarygirl


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