More Paris Tape Sightings

November 10, 2003 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod


A Fleshbot reader sent us this sighting via email:

"I was at an all gay male party in Hollywood on Friday night and someone who works for some random PR firm had the 'whole' Paris Hilton sex tape and was giving showings in the master bedroom. It was pretty hot. Another guest, and a friend of mine, is pretty close with Paris (i.e., has her on speed dial on his phone) and confirmed that it was her - although she looks pretty young, like 19 or so. She keeps her eye on the camera throughout, so she is definitely aware of its presence. Anyway - it was hot. But mainly 'cause the guy was hot and hand a really decent piece of equipment on him. Later!"

Daze Reader gives another first-person report: "The best part is when Paris's cellphone rings, and she bounds off the bed to answer it and Rick yells, 'fuck your phone!'"

Paris Hilton sex tape in circulation (Daze Reader)

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